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Spotify – All the Music, All the Time

Posted on: July 18, 2011

Have you heard of Spotify? It’s an on demand music site, that allows you to search for the music you like and listen to the tracks you want. It’s like iTunes meets Pandora meets your best friend’s playlist. Until last week, Spotify was only available in the UK. Now they launched in the US.

You can request an invite for a free account {which limits how much music you can listen to}, or you can go ahead with a paid for an account {at $5 per month and allows unlimited music access}. Jonathan, being a huge music lover, immediately signed up for an unlimited account.

Currently our playlist has 290+ albums and nearly 4000 songs. 4000. That might seem like a crazy amount to you {as it does to me}, but Jonathan is like a kid in a candy store. He is thrilled {thrilled} to have nearly every artist, album, and song at his disposal. All weekend long, we searched artist after artist, song after song and have been playing Spotify none stop.

Even as a novice music lover, I’ll say Spotify is pretty spectacular. I have a love of old school songs – like what your grandma liked as a 20-something old school – that other sites and music stations have never quite hit the mark on. But Spotify? Spotify has fed my eclectic music love. And for that reason I’m in love.


Have you tested out Spotify? If you have a favorite, who’s your favorite band/artist?



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5 Responses to "Spotify – All the Music, All the Time"

First day using Spotify in the office and I’m already 62% more effective.

nice! glad your’e enjoying it!

LoL 62% more effective? I know if I had an office job Spotify would make me at least 62% more unproductive!

I have not heard of this site but I am sure going to check it out! Hope you are feeling good and staying cool!

I heard about it on NPR driving from Hot Springs to the village (where my parents live) last week. Then, it was all over Twitter and now blogs I can’t wait to check it out, just sent in for an account. I think I’ll enjoy 90s hits.

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