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Every House Needs A Toy Room

Posted on: June 22, 2011

For the love of boy, I have been utterly exhausted for the past few days. I declared Monday an official “day off” two days before it even began. Then yesterday I was struck with a horrid migraine that prevented me from being much use to anyone {unless you consider bursting into tears for no apparent reason as useful}. As I waved my white flag last night and climbed into bed, I realized one two things:


1. I love my little family to pieces {even though at times I feel like I am a bad mama/wife}

2. I am grateful we have a toy room


The first one is a no-brainer. I’m blessed beyond belief with a great husband, two awesomely adorable girls and a to-arrive baby boy {who will hopefully have a first and middle name soon}.

The second one was a revelation yesterday. I’ve always said how much I love having a separate toy room for the girls {not their room}, but as I was completely useless to them for a good two plus hours yesterday afternoon, my love for their toy room grew. First off, there is a spare bed in the room. That just so happens to be facing the couch in our den. Which means – the girls can watch a movie while mama sleeps and mama can still be seen and the girls can still be heard. Awe-some. Secondly, when mama is awake, but still totally not with it, the girls can move into the toy room and play their little hearts out without taking the mess into the rest of the house. Double awe-some.

{note the mess that I don’t even feel compelled to clean, since the room has doors? triple awe-some}

Every house needs a toy room. Of this I am certain.

And on a side note : I should say one thing that I realized {again} and am grateful for {again} is that God’s graces are renewed every morning. That today is a new day, that I didn’t completely mess up my kids {whew} and that His love and mercy knows no bounds.

Oh, and it’s mom’s night out tonight. Rock it.

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5 Responses to "Every House Needs A Toy Room"

First off you are definitely not a bad mama! I feel like that a lot, but am also very thankful for a gracious God and family! I am so glad you where able to take it easy, rest, and know that it is an option in the future if need be! While I was pregnant with Erika I spent many evenings just trying to survive on the couch while Nomers watched movies. I am pretty sure you are just going through that normal but no fun phase of being pregnant with other kiddos! 😉 Hoping for better days for you!

I’m so jealous! 🙂 In our present house we don’t have the room for a separate toy room, but I’m determined the next home we live in will definitely have a playroom of some sort.

Glad you’re feeling better today. I know how debilitating headaches can be sometimes. I get terrible sinus headaches, of which I recently read may actually be migraines and not sinus related at all. In any event, if I don’t medicate with heavy duty Motrin, Tylenol, or Sudafed at the first hint of pain, they quickly get worse and the only thing that helps is to sleep in a dark room with an ice pack over my eyes, nose, and the top of my head. And they often hit when the weather is about to change rapidly. Weird!


I know just what you mean!
We moved into our house less than 6 months ago, and already it would be so hard to without the extra room that we keep all the toys in. 🙂

We had a toy room when I was growing up and it was great. Our bedrooms were for changing in and sleeping in, but we had one big room with all our toys and games where the five of us kids played together. 🙂

Big hooray for toy rooms! We had one when I was a little girl and it was ALWAYS trashed. The room was a staircase and we also used to play a game where we would pile up pillows then go as far up the stairs as we dared and jump off! What a huge blessing that there is a day bed in there AND you can see the living room.

God’s grace is sufficient but I know sometimes it sure doesn’t feel like it. You are not a terrible momma for getting a migrane and needing rest. You are a wonderful momma for teaching your girls about grace.

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