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Snapshots of a Home

Posted on: April 11, 2011

We still have some work to do before we {or should I say I} would consider us settled. But, slowly we have life blooming in our home.

The girls' room

Dining area {Go TEXAS!}

This is my favorite spot in my kitchen

Look at that baking cabinet {right about the Kitchen Aide} *happy baker sigh*

As you can see, we are painting over the red in the “dining room” that we have turned into our den. Once we are done, we will hang Jonathan’s guitars in the windows. I think it will look super cool. {And for the record, Jonathan spent his entire Sunday afternoon/evening painting for me. What a great guy!}

Here’s the contrast of color:

Now here’s a fun question:

What color would you paint our front door. I’m leaning towards blue. Suggestions?

20 Responses to "Snapshots of a Home"

wow, it’s very pretty! I’m so happy for you! πŸ™‚
Not sure about the front door.

Oh, I really like the idea of blue for the front door!
That baking cabinet makes me SWOON. Oh happy day! I also love how you are painting over the red. It’s gonna be awesome. πŸ™‚
However, I did roll my eyes at the Texas sign. Haha.

Haha! Yeah, we’ve had the Texas sign for a while. I’m pretty adamant about hanging it up somewhere visible where evert we live. πŸ˜‰ Its that crazy Texas pride. Hahaha!

You have a beautiful, pristine new home. I like the kitchen cupboards. Your front door? How about the same color with that of the lower portion of your inside walls? Or deep orange? πŸ™‚
Enjoy your new home!

Ohhh… Orange sounds really nice. I’ll have to look into that!

I would say orange or orange red…something really bright and southwestern…love the house

BEAUTIFUL! I have my kitchenaid in a corner w/my cookbooks above it. **happy sigh**
Moving into a new home is so fun. Exhausting, but fun.

Ooh, great kitchen! I think my baking cabinet is about the size of one of your shelves.

I would paint the door a red/salmon color, but I’m generally partial to red for most things. I could see a tealish blue too.

Red was my initial choice for door color, but I feel like I always go to red, so think maybe it would be neat to do something else. And this is the first time all my baking stuff has been together and I love it!

The house looks great. Oh the baking cabinet, how wonderful! I LOVE the Texas sign and want to hunt one down for our house so all our friends can roll their eyes at us haha. Right now we have a big longhorn magnet on the fridge.

I like the idea of orange for the front door. Can’t wait to see it.

I’m kinda liking the red for the front door, but that crayon box orange would be great, too.

I would paint it a rusty orange. Partially because I love the color, but also because it would look awesome contrasting with all the greenery around it.

Fire engine red! No particular reason, though. I just have a soft spot for red doors.

I was gonna say orange door too! πŸ™‚ and we got a buyer for our house!!! YAY!

That’s awesome Jaime! Congrats. Really looking forward to seeing you guys!

Super cute house!! I love the kitchen, and especially the mixer!! One day I will “decorate” my kitchen with one of those mixers!!

My vote is for purple. πŸ™‚

Your doing such a great job with the house. Love the pink little girls room. So cute. I also like the color you picked to over the red. It is going to make that room look great.

Blue would look really pretty with that house! Our front door is red (in contrast to the white house with black shutters). We love it. πŸ™‚

The house looks so great! I’m so glad you guys are getting all settled in! πŸ™‚

I think a deep royal blue or a light teal would look good. Love the house–especially how roomy your kitchen seems to be!

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