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Top Ten Things I Never Thought I’d Say {Until I Became a Mother}

Posted on: January 11, 2011

Top Ten {Tuesday} I use to make fun of my mom for all the different phrases she used on my siblings and me growing up. And even to this day {sorry Mom!} I tease her about never getting our names right. Some how I am always transformed from Sarah to MarSarah {my sister and my name mashed together}. My brother’s have it worse, since there are four of them {LinJessFletchJohn}. My mom would always tell us that we’d be the same way once we had our own kids. I never believed her. Until now. The things I never thought I’d say, until I became a mom:

1. Don’t put that in your mouth.

2. Get your hands out of the toilet.

3. Fingers out of your nose/mouth.

4. Wipe that look off your face.

5. This is your side, this is your sister’s. Don’t cross the line.

6. Oh! Someone has a poopy! {Said in either total praise or total disgust – depending on the circumstance}

7. Go ask your dad.

8. When I was your age…

9. I’ll give you a cookie if you…

10. Because I said so.

Are there things you said you’d never say/do that now as an adult/parent you find yourself doing just that?

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13 Responses to "Top Ten Things I Never Thought I’d Say {Until I Became a Mother}"

I think “I told you so” can be perfectly legitimate! πŸ˜€ God tells us as much sometimes. πŸ™‚

“When I was your age…” cracks me up!

keep your hands to yourself!

“I don’t care if EVERYONE is doing it. You’re not everyone. You are mine, and you will not do it.” or some derivation of that.

I used to HATE when my mother said that. Now that mine is 8 and approaching the, “But Mom, so and so is going or so and so has 67 Nintendo games…” phase, I find myself saying it over and over!

Great list!

Get you hands out of the toilet-hilarious! Great post.

Ouch please don’t pinch me there (while breastfeeding) has to top my list for now but I know the best are yet to come as Archr gets older and has siblings.

Ugh! So true! I want to kick myself every time I say, “If you do this…I will…” Gah!

Ok I just changed a diaper before nap and have to add “ouch buddy don’t pull that” you figure what that is, I’ll start handing him other things instead!

HAHAHAHA! #2 cracks me up! Love that!

And I never ever EVER thought I would EVER say “because I said so” until I started working with children. I always swore I would never use that phrase. I was wrong, haha!

Oh, isn’t it so sad we have to worry about hands, toys, etc. going in the toilet? Sheesh! I am SO with you!

Oh my goodness… thank you for the laugh today! New to your blog but cannot wait to read more!
I knew I was officially a grown up when I started uttering my mothers words! Not often anymore, but just as my mother did before me, when things get too crazy around my household, a good old primal scream not only brings the troops to attention, but also gets rid of any anxiety I may have. Thanks mom!

Alicia – I considered added “I told you so” to the list! But, I didn’t because I know I said it a lot to my younger brothers growing up – didn’t wait till I was a mom for that one! πŸ™‚

Leah – Yep, said that too! Haha!

Kathy – Haven’t gotten to that one yet, but I’m sure I will!

Katie – I can’t wait to hear what more you say as Archer gets older. I’m sure it’ll be super funny.

Amanda – Ah, yes… I use that tactic more than I should I’m afraid. :/

Rach – Because I said so ends it all. I’m mom and therefore it will be as I say. It’s the ultimate trump. Haha!

Christine – J never messed with the toilet, but for whatever reason H totally thinks it’s a mini pool for her pleasure. Can’t wait for her to grow out of that one!

Kristin – Glad you dropped by and had a laugh! Sometimes I’ve thought “Good gracious, I have become my mother”. It was bound to happen. πŸ˜‰

Oh I can think of so many. Enough that it would take up to much room on your blog to write them all!

How about “put that thing back where it came from or so help me…” Ok, maybe that’s Monster’s Inc, but it’s my fav πŸ™‚

Funny, very funny, but true…

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