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A Texas Christmas Top Ten

Posted on: December 21, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday} It’s been 7 years since I was in Texas for Christmas. Since 2004 I have celebrated Christmas in colder climate areas. So it’s been a transition to go from 30 degree weather to 70+ degree weather during the holidays. But there have been some great holiday highlights over the past several weeks:

1. Random Christmas trees on the highway – For the last couple of decades, “mysterious” Austinites have crept out at night to decorate cedar trees along a major highway. Nothing feels more festive than driving down the street and seeing 100’s of trees decorated.

{photo credit}

2. Outdoor Shopping – Outdoor shopping centers are popular in Texas, since it never gets too cold to deter shoppers. We visited the newest center, The Domain, this last weekend. It was so much fun walking the strip, looking at all the beautiful displays and ending it with a huge Christmas tree.

3. Food Selection – This has more to do with being in a bigger city in general, but I can’t get over all the wonderful options for food that we have. And while that doesn’t seem very Christmas-y, it is when you’re preparing to cook for your whole family.

4. Zilker Park – A huge park just south of downtown, Zilker Park {home of Austin City Limits Festival} does a wonderful Christmas tree “poll”. It’s a poll that is shaped like a tree, with the shape outlined in lights. It’s a sight to behold.

{photo credit}

5. Trail of Lights – The area in and around Zilker Park is decorated with lights, as a trail leading to and through the park. I’ve seen it in the past and it’s beautiful. Sadly, this year the city decided to cancel the trail of lights to conserve money.

6. Being outside. A lot – Since the weather isn’t cold, the girls and I have had some great chances to be outside during the day. I could get use to spending the entire holiday season playing at the park {just get back to me come July!}.

7. Holiday parties – I went to a cookie baking/exchange party on Saturday with a group of women I met from church. We have two holiday events we have been invited to this week. That’s good ol’ Texas hospitality at work!

8. Jonathan’s work schedule – Jonathan is working just three days this week. And then only two days next week. His company has an unwritten rule that employees take plenty of time off during Christmas to spend time with family. It’s awesome.

9. Reindeer cars – Maybe this is popular elsewhere, I know I’ve seen it just a few times before in Iowa. But, people here have gone crazy with dressing their cars up like reindeer. And it’s hilarious.

{photo credit}

10. The weather – This, actually, is the only thing I haven’t been loving about Texas at Christmastime. I know the snow gets old {just as hot weather gets, well, hot}, but it hasn’t felt quite like Christmas without seeing white covering the ground.

What are some of your favorite city holiday highlights?

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6 Responses to "A Texas Christmas Top Ten"

This is so fun! Bummer about the Trail of Lights but at least they kept the tree, or did they? I didn’t know about the trees decorated out on the highway, where is that?

Some of my favorite things about Christmas in Seattle are: the tree on top of the Space Needle, and the cold. Unlike you I haven’t ever lived in a city where it’s chilly during Christmas. I could leave the major rain we’ve been getting but I love being bundled up in jackets while drinking hot chocolate or fancy holiday drinks. Hmmm it seems I need to find more holiday activities in our city.

Katie – I vaguely remember the trees from the last time I was here at Christmas. They are off 360 close to Barton Creek and Spicewood Springs. They are too cool.

Aww what a fun list! I too love the reindeer cars! They always make me laugh. Sounds like you are having a blast! 🙂

People randomly decorate trees? I love it! So festive!

Here in Tennessee it has been cold and they are saying we will have snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so the weather in Texas sounds pretty good to me.We have already had enough snow here this year to suit me.When we lived in California it was always pretty warm at Christmas and we got to where we really liked that.It sounds like you are getting settled in and things are going well. I am so glad for you all. Merry Christmas!

This seems to be the year for reindeer cars here too!
Oh and I love the idea of decorated trees along the highway, makes me smile.

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