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I Was Meant to be a Redhead *Picture Included

Posted on: November 13, 2010

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I started coloring my hair when I was 14. You name the color and I’ve probably colored my hair that shade at least one {yes, even purple and fire engine red}. But in 2006, I cut all my hair off and Jonathan asked me to keep it natural.

Last weekend, on a spur of the moment, we colored my hair. I love it. I secretly believe I was always meant to be a redhead. Very fitting to my personality.

6 Responses to "I Was Meant to be a Redhead *Picture Included"

So cute! Wish you God’s blessings in Texas!! Will miss seeing you at Mercer this winter 🙂

Cute!!! 😀 I have never colored my hair…and I’m scared to start the precedent…:)


I forgot to mention you looked awesome when I saw you today! Hope Julia continues to get better!

Ooo yes you were, great dye job! I have also played with LOTS of dyes but haven’t done it in years, perhaps it’s time for a change….

So pretty! When Jer and I got married he told me “the redder the better”. I wore it dark red for awhile and gradually got back to the strawberry blonde I wear now. I too have colored my hair regularly since I was 16 and I color mine myself too. I guess you could say great minds run in the sane circles – or at least “Sarahs” from Tennesee!! Hope to hear from ya again soon.

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