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Very Chic Style of a Toddler

Posted on: September 27, 2010

It’s Monday and my brain and body are recovering from a looong weekend. Our family has been a little sick and it hit me hard Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday. Bummer. I figured a good way to cheer myself up {and hopefully brighten your day too} is by posting some adorable pictures of the girls.

What you get when Hannah demands to wear socks {even if she technically already is wearing socks}:

Like sister like sister:

{Not sure what Julia’s doing in this picture. Her face reminds me of Penelope.}

3 Responses to "Very Chic Style of a Toddler"

Too cute. We’re having a sickie weekend at our house, too. Only now it’s the official week, and we’re still pajama clad.

Love the pictures…I think your oldest looks a lot like you. 😀

I’m sorry to hear it was a long sick weekend, hope you guys all recover quickly.

The pictures are FANTASTIC and made my day too, sister goodness!!

Your girls are so cute, Sarah! Thanks for sharing a couple of pictures on your computer break day 🙂

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