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Dare I even write this; Waterless toilet and family cloth?

Posted on: August 16, 2010

There are times that I really do think our family {read: me} might just be a tad bit crazy. But I wonder, is crazy really all that bad?

Saturday we went toilet shopping. Yep, pretty much the best way ever to spend your Saturday morning. Eat pancakes, drink coffee, toilet shop. Seriously, we aren’t always this cool. Anyways, we came across these waterless toilets. Our interest was peeked {because, you know, we’re crazy}. I did a quick Google search and discovered composting toilets by BioLet.

I’ve not done a ton of research on the subject, but it seems harmless enough and something I would consider doing. And the more I thought about a composting toilet the more I thought about family cloth. What is family cloth you ask? Well, think about cloth diapers. Only for your entire family. Just let that sit for a minute. Ok, you’ve got it. Essentially, family cloth is a replacement for toilet paper.

I heard about family cloth about 2 years ago. It’s a pretty outlandish idea. At first I really thought “Are you kidding me?“, but slowly the idea has grown on me. I mean, we are using cloth diapers. And I am using cloth pads. So doesn’t the next logical step seem like cloth toilet paper?

What are your thoughts? Ever heard of family cloth? And just how crazy do you have to be to use family cloth?

16 Responses to "Dare I even write this; Waterless toilet and family cloth?"

Okay, not going there. And there had better be paper products in the bathroom when we visit. 🙂 How is Grandma with this idea???

we need to talk…

I think you and I would get along nicely 🙂

Crazy? yah, I think so…I think you’ve done enough with the cloth diapers!

dude that is NO stinkin way! andy has the highest metabolism i have ever seen in my life- and 2- i would be barfing all day! 🙂

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sarah Windham, Sarah Windham. Sarah Windham said: Just wrote a post about wanting a composting toilet and using family cloth. Seriously. http://bit.ly/aj1ON4 […]

If I’m home full time after baby and doing cloth, I’d consider family cloth for pees only, but not for poops. I don’t think I could convince Mike to switch and there is something a little different about baby poop and adult poop. If I ever did it, I’d definitely keep paper for guests. With family cloth being so far outside mainstream, I would feel really unhospitable forcing it upon my guests.

They need to rename “family cloth” to cloth toilet tissue or something that sounds less like you’re all going to share the same one. {I may have thrown up a bit in my mouth.} You are nuts!!!!! In a good, environmentally-conscientious way, of course.

What did people do before tp? I’d rather use soft leaves than have to clean those cloths! Also, I wish I could listen in on the conversation between you and Jonathan on this issue!

Wendy, it went something like “You’re insane, Sarah. We are never doing that. End of discussion.” Haha.

Love the waterless toilet idea, agree family cloths sound a tad ummm gross. I was wondering what Jon would say about that one, haha. Chris would NEVER go for it either. I had a hard time training him to compost food, and he still thinks the container on the counter is nasty. Come to think of it I’m not sure I could even get a water free toilet.

my uncle wanted to do something like that for our farm, he only insisted that everyone had their own cloths with their name embroidered so there wouldn’t b any “cross-contamination” he said he wanted the farm to b more “rustic”….i know he only said that to get to my aunts since they would b the ones cleaning the cloths, and of course we never did that. and come to think about it i wouldnt mind having a water free toilet, but i think i would have to have a “normal” toilet for guest just in case they think its 2 gross.

[…] Behind the name Dare I even write this; Waterless toilet and family cloth? […]

I love the smell of portable toilets in the summer. Remember those Sarah?

[…] think this was the craziest post I’ve ever had. {But then I remembered I just wrote about composting toilets and reusable toilet paper, so I’m in the clear for covering crazy […]

I live in a land of waterless toilets (that don’t look that pretty or probably function that well) and no TP and it is very smelly. I love coming home to my own toilet and TP. 😉 Really enjoyed reading the post though!

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