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Reasons I like Jonathan being gone

Posted on: June 8, 2010

I decided rather than wallow in self pity about Jonathan’s absence this week, I should write a list of all the reasons I like him being away from the house. Here are the three I came up with {the first two came really easy I might add…}:

1. I get a lot more sleep

By nature Jon is a night owl and I am an early bird. Since Hannah was born I have taken to staying up late with Jon so we can spend more time together. But, I still wake up early. Meaning, I get less sleep. However, while he’s away, I normally am in bed asleep by 9:30 {and I’d even consider that on the late side}.

2. My house stays really clean

One of the things I loved about Jonathan while we were dating is that he was a clean guy. His room was clean, he was organized, etc. And while that’s transferred to our marriage, it seems like when “Daddy’s home” our house is a mess. Not that he’s doing it, it’s just that typically speaking, we aren’t nearly as concerned about how our house looks as we are about spending family time together. But, while he’s away, I get into ultra-organized-mom mode and our house stays in pretty great condition {which is a plus this week, since my Mom will be here tomorrow night and we are hosting a party on Saturday}.

3. I get a cooking break

I love to cook. Yet for some reason, if Jonathan’s not eating with me and the girls, I just have no desire to cook a big meal. So all this week, my menu plan looks like this: bean and cheese tacos, quesadillas, beans and rice, oatmeal, cereal, spaghetti pie. Impressive, don’t ya think?

I came up with a few other reasons, but I didn’t think “Sleeping with a baseball bat in my hands” or “Getting to drink a full pot of coffee” were really valid reasons to celebrate my single motherness for the week.

11 Responses to "Reasons I like Jonathan being gone"

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I totally agree with all 3, especially the cooking! I love having cereal for dinner when Tim’s not home 🙂

Way to put a positive spin on things! You’ll have to do a top ten reasons you’re glad he’s home when he gets back 🙂

Good job being positive. I also enjoy being more productive when Josh is gone, but I end up staying up later b/c I hate going to bed alone…

Hey- I just noticed got bumped up to favorite blogs to peruse…sweet! I feel so honored…(I’m not even kidding).

You’re welcome. 😉

I totally agree! We spent much of our dating-hood long distance, and Josh traveled A LOT for a while. Those times were not so fun. Now, however, I kinda look forward to a few nights here or there to be on my own schedule. Not cooking is definitely a big plus 🙂 I agree that the house stays neater! LOL Enjoy your bachelorette-hood, but I’m sure you’ll also look forward to him coming home 🙂

This is a great post! Dustin has been home for the last 5-6wks, but not available. He has been studying 14hrs a day (no stretch) for boards, and there have been times I thought I was going to go insane. (yes, with just one child) I miss my husband! I needed this post, thank you! 🙂

PS- boards are on Friday, and we get a week break….yeah!!

Hi Derricca, Today is the big day! That is awesome! Thank you so much for your support of your husband and his studying. I’m sure it’s not easy for either of you. I hope/know it will all be worth the time investment!

[…] Behind the name Reasons I like Jonathan being gone […]

Love that you found some positive aspects of being alone this week. I’m kind of opposite on a few of them. When Chris is away I stay up way to late, sleep in, and the house gets a bit messy. Though, I do eat cereal for dinner most nights. I think for me when he’s gone I kinda let go, even though I enjoy a clean house and sleep.

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