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Why I love Iowa in the summer

Posted on: June 7, 2010

Every summer, Iowa City hosts Summer of the Arts. Each weekend the city holds different events or festivals. They all prove to be pretty awesome and we’ve really enjoyed them more and more each year. This weekend was Arts Festival – a celebration of local and regional artists. On Sunday they have Children’s Day, with different {free} activities for kids to do. The biggest hit was a 5/6 ft tall cardboard castle set up for painting:

Julia could have stayed at the castle for hours she loved painting so much. The only draw back? The paint wasn’t washable. Seriously. Who gives kids non-washable paint?? Like my friend, Leah, said “Clearly a mom wasn’t in charge.” Never the less, the castle did give us the idea to make our own last night for painting this week while Jon is out of town. But, I can guarantee I’ll be buying washable paint!

5 Responses to "Why I love Iowa in the summer"

My kids loved the painting too, but it was washable! It came right out and they assured me it would come out of clothes too and did!! I let them get their face painted this year too and I couldn’t believe how well they did not touching it and how proud they were! Love are blessed to be in Iowa City for many reasons!!

That’s good to know Andrea, b/c one of the ladies there told Jonathan it wasn’t washable, so we made Mabel wear her swimsuit. But, my friend Leah said the paint came out of all their clothes but one pair of shorts. Glad your kiddos had as much fun as we did!

What a fantastic summer event! The photos of Mabel painting are super cute, can’t wait to see the homemade castle. I can’t believe it is summer somewhere, and often forget it is June. Apparently, summer doesn’t come until after the 4th here. We do have SeaFair (weeks of events) coming and tons of car shows which my husband is thrilled about. Now if only the sun would stick around. Such is life in the northwest, I’m still enjoying it!

how much family fun!! love, love the castle idea!

Awesome! We should of went! I’m so bad at remembering events, but thankfully IC has plenty of them. I’m with Andrea, LOVE IC for many reasons.

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