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Most ridiculous name ever

Posted on: April 5, 2010

I had this pretty awesome stuffed cat growing up. He was the perfect size for snuggling and being a hand-me-down already had some pretty good “love” on him. One problem – I was too young when I got him to name him myself. So my brothers named him for me. He was given the lovely name Buttcat.

Ok, you can stop laughing now. No, really.

I’ll be honest Buttcat (who was later nicknamed BC to keep down the snickering from my junior high girlfriends) isn’t the cutest cat I’ve seen. Never will I say he’s ugly, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, I know the truth, and the truth is he looks a lot like Stimpy from Ren and Stimpy (although Buttcat totally came first – just so you know). Still Buttcat holds a pretty special place in my heart and I doubt I’ll ever part with him – much to Jonathan’s chagrin.

When Hannah was born, our friends gave her this cute little bear (above). Over the last month she’s gotten pretty attached to it. In fact, every time I put her in her crib, she crawls over, grabs the bear and snuggles it to sleep. Very precious. Bear doesn’t have a name. We’ve been calling it “Hannah’s bear” since I can’t come up with any good names. I’ve had some suggestions, but nothing that’s stuck. One friend suggested just leaving it “bear” until Hannah is older and can name it for herself. But I’m worried that the bear will forever just be “bear” – which isn’t bad, just not very cute. At the same time, I really don’t want the bear getting a name that will forever scar it. You know, like Buttbear or something crazy like that.

Here’s where you come in. I want your name suggestions. Dazzle me with your best bear name.

11 Responses to "Most ridiculous name ever"

Oh Buttcat, how I miss you!!! From your apperance, we can tell that Sarah has give you quite a bit of “love.”

I think you should name it Fuzzy Wuzzy…..

Or George.

Other than that, the only thing I can think of is Poopsy…which might not be what you’re looking for….;)

I tend to name things after literary characters. Fitz is Fitzwilliam Darcy, I have a teddy bear named Colonel Fitzwilliam, and I gave my cousin a monkey stuffed animal named Mr. Bingley when he was born. You can see I lean toward Pride & Prejudice, but I’m open to other literary names. My suggestion for Hannah’s bear? Lizzie if it’s a girl bear, but Eddie (from Sense & Sensibility) if it’s a boy.

I love the idea of a literary name. I imagine the bear being more girl than boy. Any more suggestions other than Lizzie?

Well, your plan has back-fired, because now Eddie will forever call it buttbear. I on the other hand totally understand where you are coming from. I think you should name the bear “Mr. James Montgomery III (the Third)”. You can call him “Monty” for short.

Why am I not surprised that Eddie would call it buttbear. 😉 I think we settled on a name tonight: Lucy the bear.

Sarah I so remember “Buttcat”! Fun times!

I like Lucy. Bekah has a bear named “Ted E Bear”. And Alex, our middle DS< has 19 frogs all had to have special unique names. One is named A.J., as in Alex Jr. Cute aren't they.

Lucy was overruled at breakfast this morning by Jon and Julia. The bear is officially named Molly.

I like Molly – it has that kind of vintage feel to it since Molly doesn’t seem to be a very popular name these days. I have to say I’m truly amazed at your ability to preserve Buttcat’s life since he looked like he was on his last leg when we had sleepovers 15 years ago!!! Has he ever had to have any major “surgery” to keep him going?

By the way, if you hadn’t already decided on Molly, I would have suggested something even more vintage like Ophelia or Hattie. Shoot, if we wanna go wacky, why not Hortense or Hildegarde?!?

Would anyone be willing to help me plot out a way to, you know, “off” buttcat. We’ve never liked each other and then he went overboard by coming with us to Europe.

However, I really like Molly. Molly is suited perfectly for little Hannah. I love Molly!

No one is going to take you up on your offer, Jon. And you better watch it, or Buttcat’s gonna go back to Europe with us. 😉

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