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My life isn’t perfect

Posted on: March 29, 2010

And neither is my home. While I’d love for my house to look “Southern Living” fresh every single day it just doesn’t. However, while I’m learning to overlook the less than perfect life of parenthood, this drives me a little crazy:

But thanks to IKEA’s storage and my husband’s strength, in just a few hours order was restored:

I went to bed one very happy mama, knowing that for just one moment my home (or at least one room) was perfect.

3 Responses to "My life isn’t perfect"

LOVE the storage cubes! Rebekah “wishes she had that pink table.” Love girls.

Oh my gosh! I totally feel your struggle! I LOVE organizing things and your new stuff looks great! Have you ever read The Berenstein Bears and the Messy Room? Your picture reminds me of the picture on the last page where everything is organized 🙂

Nice! We have the same shelf and I love it! So relaxing to look at the last picture!

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