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IKEA, I love you.

Posted on: March 27, 2010

Today we are heading to a couple’s conference for our church. We planned to take Hannah (since she’s still nursing) and have a babysitter for Julia. However, our sitter had to cancel so now Julia is coming along too. Now with two kids in tow, we decided to make a family adventure out of the weekend. And what better adventure than IKEA?!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of going to an IKEA you are missing out on something HUGE (literally). IKEA is like a giant playhouse for adults. They specialize in home furnishings, ranging from kitchen cabinets to nurseries. Most all of our furnishings when we got married came from IKEA. They are relatively inexpensive and most of the styles fit our personalities. We are planning to take the afternoon to drive over to IKEA (about 3 hours from the conference), spend the day shopping, have dinner in their cafeteria and then head into Chicago to see old friends. Yes, IKEA, I do love you. Ahhh….

3 Responses to "IKEA, I love you."

I’ve still never been…which is odd since I lived in a town that had one in Texas…didn’t know what I was missing, I guess.

A family adventure to Ikea?! That’s my idea of fun! Did you find anything good?

We got lots of shelving and then random other things, like dishes and new bibs.

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