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If crying were a sport, my kids would be all-stars

Posted on: March 17, 2010

Julia was born a cry baby. The best way to sum up her first four months of life is: She cried. A lot. Our family quickly adopted the phrase “There’s no crying in baseball“, but Julia never listened. Hannah was completely opposite. She would cry, but for good reason; hunger, sleepiness, poopy diaper, etc.

Then about 3 months ago, something changed. Hannah would cry because I put her down. She’d cry because she didn’t like her situation. She’d cry just to cry.

I’ve read all over the internet (and do believe) that crying is a baby/young child’s only real form of communication. That being the case – my children love to communicate. All. The. Time. Like at 5 am. Or in the afternoon, because I’m unpacking boxes and had the audacity to sit next to Hannah and not actually hold Hannah. Cruel, cruel mom.

Since learning to talk, Julia’s actually gotten better about not crying so much. I said better, not stopped. The water works still come. Daily. Sometimes hourly (or even by the minute). But it’s getting better. As for Hannah, I’m blaming the influence of Julia on her water works. After all, when she sees it happening all day, she’s bound to learn to do the same. Ok, maybe it’s not fair to fully blame her crying on Julia. Perhaps it’s just severe separation anxiety. Because we all know, I must be abandoning her when I set her down, in front of me, to use the restroom.

I know it’s only a season and things will change. I remind myself how awesome it is to be able to stay at home with both girls and to be the biggest influence in their lives. I do love and enjoy being with them. It’s just sometimes I wish there was a little less “communication” going on.

6 Responses to "If crying were a sport, my kids would be all-stars"

If crying were a team sport, Chloe could join the team!! I read your whole post thinking, “Yup. That happens at our house too.” Here’s to hoping you get a quiet day – or hour at least!!

If I didn’t sleep right next to everyone, this post would be hil-a-r-i-ous.

Not that I ever wish a crying child on any parent, but it is nice to know that I am not the only parent with an eternally crabby/ crying child. I used to blame part of Graham’s crying on being a first child, but now I just think it’s his personality. He just likes to cry and until it becomes “uncool” to cry, I feel like this will be a daily/ hourly/ minute-by-minute occurance at our house as well 😦 Can’t win them all, even in baseball!

when you said in your post that “it’s a way that they commuicate” it reminded me of a book i’m reading called Adopted for Life. The author talks about his adoption of his sons in russia and how when he walked into the orphanage for the first time NO ONE was crying. All the babies were in their cribs making no noises because after a while they realized their cries weren’t getting them any attention so they just stopped. Now this doesn’t help with our “crying” kids at all- but feel like it can put it into some perspective!

I’ve heard of that happening at orphanages. It’s really sad. I honestly am okay with the crying (most of the time), because I realize it’s them telling me they need something (mostly me) and I can meet that need (usually). But goodness, it might be nice to pee with the door shut one day! Haha. 😉

Just a side note from your mom. I don’t remember too much (out of the ordinary) crying from Marsa, Jesse, you or John, but my goodness…Lincoln and Fletch, now that is a different matter. And if you look at them now, they are talkers!! Fletch, however, was the Cy Young award winning pitcher of cry babies. But he was soooo cute!!

All that to say, the proverbial “You won’t remember it later” may or maynot be true with Mabel. Hannah’s crying will probably fade in time. (Don’t you love it when people tell you that?)

Love you all loads, crying or not.

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