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We’re still not unpacked and already hosting

Posted on: March 16, 2010

Yeah, we’re that good. Remember, I told you Hispanic and hosting are spelled the same.

Friday night, Leah came over with her family. They had originally intended to help us with unpacking, rearranging and any other tidbits. However, we weren’t ready to actually do anything. Surprise, surprise. Anyways, we cooked them dinner and then just hung out while the kids ran around and Jon and Jason worked on the laundry room.

While we were serving dinner, Leah and Jason commented on how impressed they were (was that right Leah? Or am I tooting my own horn? 😉 ) that our kitchen wasn’t even put together and already we were having company. I even got the go ahead to say “I’m awesome”. Oh yeah…

However, Leah washed our dishes. Which is a sure fire way to get themselves invited back.

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1 Response to "We’re still not unpacked and already hosting"

you are awesome and we’d love to come back 🙂

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