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I don’t “do” chaos

Posted on: March 9, 2010

Growing up I can’t recall one time I got in trouble for not cleaning my room. I do remember getting in trouble for rearranging it at 10 p.m.

My older brother would pay me $5 a week to clean his room. Let me tell you, I was sorely under paid . I can say with great certainty, my brother’s room had a lingering smell of dirty socks, mildew and spoiled food every time I cleaned. But I loved cleaning, and getting paid, and so I did it. Plus, during this stage of his life, my brother’s saving account was wadded up $20s thrown about randomly in his room. If I happened upon one (or two, or three) I helped myself to a tip. 😉

In college, I lived with two extremely messy not-so-neat roommates. Thankfully, I did not live with them at the same time, otherwise I’m sure neither of them would talk to me today because I would have been so mad all the time. Well, actually, only one of them still talks to me…. Perhaps the other one couldn’t stand that I would start putting her clothes away, rearranging her side of the dorm room, or organizing all her bathroom stuff. Without asking.

Once I got married, I think most of Jonathan and my first “fights” were about the state of our condo. Jonathan left me with the impression that he was a neat freak when we were dating. Any messes I did encounter, I promptly blamed on his roommates. Aww, love really is blind. But, after the honeymoon was over, I had the horror of discovering that Jonathan isn’t a neat freak. He’s one of those balanced people. You know the ones; they can live in complete order or complete chaos and still manage to function. I am not one of those people.

Then, in November 2007, total chaos came into my life in the form of my sweet (although some times trying) Julia. Quickly I started realizing that children produce more mess than any other roommate I’ve ever known including my amazing husband. And it drives me a little bonkers. I like order, I like clean, I like perfection. Chaos throws me into a weird funk, that results in a bad mood, lack of concentration and a feeling of helplessness.

Yet, slowly I’ve come to terms with chaos. While I don’t do my best with total dysfunction, I’m at a point where I don’t curl up in a corner crying because the bed hasn’t been made in two weeks days. I’d like to say, I’ve even gotten to the point that my kitchen can look like this:

And my living room like this:

And still I manage to survive. And even smile. Sorta.

6 Responses to "I don’t “do” chaos"

Ahh. Yes. I am the same way! Joshua, at age 12 months, is already emulating me putting toys away. He’ll spend hours putting his toys into their bin, and pulling them out again. I can only laugh!

I hear ya friend…. I hear ya. 🙂

I think this will be a real struggle for me when the baby is born. I frequently pray for grace when our house will surely end up in chaos. Way to go on loosening up, I’m glad to see it can be done!

Hear ya. Seriously, also got in trouble for late night rearranges.

I’m sorry to say that as #2’s mobility increases, so does the wreckage. But, at least 9s)he can find and bring you a tampon in the living room, right?

[…] was a dirty/messy house. Let me just say, I so don’t believe that. Being a hyper-OCD person, messy and I just don’t mix. I think it’s an important life lesson to teach your children how to clean and be clean. In […]

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