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Rolly polly

Posted on: February 18, 2010

Hannah refuses to crawl. Yes, down right refuses. She attempted it once last week, but not since. So, rather than crawl, Hannah merely rolls to where ever she wants to be. That is until she gets stuck somewhere (like next to the cabinets, couch, or Jack).

Here she is in action. She’s got good form, gets up on all fours.

And now for the rolling (don’t mind the mess):

Once she has found the toy she wanted (or any toy for that matter), she simply rolls away.

4 Responses to "Rolly polly"

Let the rolling begin! What a cutie!

Thanks Heather!

She is the cutest little girl! What a dolly!

Sarah, our granddaughter didn’t want to crawl either. She choose to be a bum-scooter and didn’t really walk much until she was 17 months!! Each to his own!!

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