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Happy birthday, Julia Mabel!

Posted on: November 23, 2009

Julia turns two years old today!

This is quite shocking to me. I did fine grasping her first birthday, but for whatever reason, two seems huge to me.

The last two years have been amazing, hard, wonderful, challenging and all together life changing.

In two (relatively short) years, I have learned a lifetime of information. Like:

– never leave a two-year old alone in a bathroom, unless you like floods.

– choose kid books you like to read, they are less likely to get old after the 15th time.

– dry erase markers are not washable.

– first words, first sentences, first everything is absolutely amazing.

– never, ever, ever (I mean EVER!) lose a favorite blanket, baby doll, toy, shoes, jacket, cup, book…. the list could go on.

But far more importantly, over the last two years I have learned:

– my life is not my own.

– I am a sinner, a nasty sinner.

– God’s grace is so great, I cry just thinking about it.

– my “job”, my role as mom, is far more important than I give it credit.

– God is in control, not me.

– Julia was designed for me, for our family, chosen by God to be my daughter. She is a joy, a gift, a precious girl, who fills my life with wonder in ways I never knew possible. Too often I take it for granted. Too often I push being a mama aside to be a someone else. Too often I forget how blessed I am to be her mom.

Mabel – you are down right amazing. Your laughter, your energy, your desire to be loved and to love. Daughter, being your mama is the best job I have ever had. I love cooking with you, playing with you and being your little heart’s safe keeper. I look forward to our days together, even the tough ones. You are precious, to me, to your daddy, to Sissy and especial to God. I love you sweet girl. So very, very much.



2 Responses to "Happy birthday, Julia Mabel!"

Happy Birthday Julia! Love your mother’s tribute to you!

This, my sweet daughter, is not only a tribute to Julia Mabel, but to you and (unbelieveably) to me. Three generations are touched and blessed and, when Julia has her own children, they will be touched as well. What an amazing God we serve! You are the light in a dark world for your precious daughters. Don’t ever doubt your goodness and grace. You are also the most astoundingly wonderful woman Grandpa Dave and I know. We love you and our precious grandbabies adoringly!

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