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And we’re off!

Posted on: November 19, 2009

Come December, our family is moving.

Our church family knows about all the changes going on in our lives, but I haven’t shared it with the rest of the world. As of right now, we are in the counter/re-counter process on buying a house here in town. We have found renters for our current home and will be moving out mid to late December in order for them to take over. We won’t actually be moving into our new house until spring, so have arranged to live with our pastor and his family in the interim.

Truth be known, this isn’t my favorite thing in life. Moving and all. Frankly, it’s one of my least favorite.

As a kid I moved. A lot. At one point in my life, I calculated that I had lived in 11 places in 3 years. That’s crazy. College wasn’t much better, but less stressful. Since being in Iowa, we’ve moved three times (into our condo, in with our pastor, and into our current house). When we bought our current house, we knew we wouldn’t be here long-term (7+ years), so I have never seen my children “growing up” in this home. But, still, moving is hard. There are a lot of fears for me that come with moving; moving means life is uncertain and things are ending. Having not had the most stable of childhood’s, I worry what impact moving will have on my girls. Granted, in the grand scheme of things, they will never really remember this move (Hannah especially). But it opens up too many “what ifs”. What if we move again and they DO remember? What if they feel insecure? What if they doubt the security of their home life? What if they don’t adjust well? What if, what if, what if?

Last night, while driving to church, I told Jonathan some friends offered to let us stay in their house while they are gone over Christmas break. He was humbled and grateful and asked me to take them up on the offer. While discussing everything, I flippantly said, “Maybe we can do something completely different for Christmas this year, since it’s not going to be a normal real Christmas.” Jonathan said he was hurt by that remark, since Christmas isn’t comprised of trees/lights/decorations but family. We arrived at church and dropped the girls off while we listened to one of our pastor’s share on the book “Love and Respect”. At one point, he said “Women, what men hear when you criticize them is “You aren’t good enough. I don’t trust you.””

And in that very second, I had an ah-ha moment.

This move isn’t the same as when I was growing up.

We aren’t moving because we are broke.

We aren’t moving because there’s been a divorce.

We aren’t moving because life situations are bad.

We are moving because of God.

We are moving to advance His Kingdom.

We are moving so our family can be closer (Jonathan’s work is a block away).

We are moving as a family, in unity, in love and in security.

Like a ton of bricks, it hit me, that my comment about Christmas was a slap in the face to Jonathan. A way of saying “I don’t trust you. I don’t trust this move.” I don’t want that. I don’t want past fears to dictate future events.

And with that, I decided, I am going to rejoice in our newest adventure. We’re setting out, as a family, as husband and wife, in something faith-filled and life changing. Who knows, we might not stay in this new house for long, but that’s okay. Four walls don’t dictate the stability, security and love that comprises our family. Our trust in God does.

7 Responses to "And we’re off!"

Well said Sarah!

let me know if you need help packing! 🙂

Thanks ladies! No worries, Leah, as soon as we are back from TN I am calling you! 🙂

Probably good, it isn’t about baby number 3 then 🙂 Well said, and I LOVE that book! So good! So hard to really comprehend it from our husband’s perspectives though too!

Congrats on the move… I’m excited to see the new place. I moved a ton as a kid as well, but each time my family moved with me and though it was hard, my mom always said a home is not a house, it’s where your family is. I’m sure the girls will love your new home just as you will. Congrats again and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. ie, watch the girls for an afternoon while you pack etc.

[…] last few days I keep wondering if I am holding on to my stuff more than I am holding onto God. See, last year I battled with moving at Christmas – my favorite holiday. Now this year I am battling it all over again. […]

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