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I must be crazy

Posted on: October 12, 2009

On the 3rd of this month I ran a 5K with a group of girlfriends. It wasn’t a “real” 5K race, just a route we came up with on our own. We set out in August to train and run so we could each be more active. Guess how many times I trained?


Yep. Six times I went running. And I honestly thought I’d run a 5K.

I must be crazy.

Well, October came.

And I ran.

I must be crazy.

But, ya know what? It was actually not as awful as I expected. I figured I’d run 100 yards and walk the rest (no joke). But with a little inspiration from Leah I made it through without stopping – save for a red light when we crossed the street. Jonathan said it’s because I’ve been doing spin and Body Attack every week. Whatever the case may be, I went running the next day. I know, I know…

I must be crazy.

Then, because I can never just let enough be enough, I decided to run a 10K on the 24th.

I must be crazy.

So, for the last week plus, I’ve been running every couple of days. This last Saturday I ran another 5K and followed the next day by a 2-mile hill run. The goal for this week is another 5k then a 5 mile run on Saturday.

I must be crazy.

The funniest part of it all is my new motivating factor. Jonathan said I could download new songs on my iTouch the day I do my 5 miles. Talk about a goofy reason to run 5 miles.

Did I mention it was 5 miles?!  Geesh, I really, really must be


5 Responses to "I must be crazy"

You are crazy!! but it’s good to be motivated!! I’m impressed 🙂

Only thing I’d say is be careful you don’t push it too fast and get an injury. I checked out some books on running from the library and that was one thing they really stressed. They basically were saying that you can’t necessarily get your body in shape any faster by running really hard/every day, so know when to rest or you’ll get an injury and be out for 6 weeks. I bet Leslie would know more!

Welp, it’s official. I’m inviting you to come to Colorado next August and be crazy with us.

There’s a relay race that goes from Fort Collins, CO to Steamboat Springs, CO. Yeah, that’s 200 miles through the mountains. But it’s broken down into 36 legs, run by 12 runners….so you end up running between 13 and 19 miles total, in 3 seperate legs. You even run up to Wyoming and back.

Want in?

Alicia – that’s actually one of the biggest things I’ve been watching. I only go running 3 times a week. I have it spaced so that I get breaks and days off. I figured that I want endurance which is only going to happen if I pace myself.

Amanda – oh dude. That would be amazing. And I’d be nursing free and hopefully preggo free. I’ll seriously consider it. Can you send me more info? We can talk about it at Faithwalkers.

I’m in aggreance that you are crazy :)! But craziness can inspire me 😉

Give yourself a high five, girl! I am seriously impressed with your fitness regime. Go for that run in Colorado if you can – it sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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