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Getting to know you

Posted on: October 13, 2009

I’ve realized that I rarely write a post just about Hannah. Looking at my tags cloud, Julia Mabel is much larger than Hannah Michelle. So, I thought I’d take a post to tell you all things Hannah related.

As of today, Hannah weighs 14 pounds 3 oz (75% percentile) and is 25 1/2 inches long (90% percentile). Amazingly, she turns 4 months old on Thursday. That seems so crazy to me. It feels like time has literally flown by.

Hannah is a pretty chillaxed kiddo. Actually, in all reality, she might not be super chill, but compared to her big sister at this age, she’s way laid back. In fact, the other night I put her to bed when she wasn’t fully asleep. She started grunting and talking. I left her door open and figured for sure I’d need to go back in there. Nope! She just talked herself to sleep. Holy smokes! I’ve heard of kids doing that, but never, ever in my life have I experienced it. Totally amazing. 🙂

As far as sleep goes… well, I can’t really say. She takes some pretty good naps during the day. Overnight she sleeps 4-5 hours and then comes to our bed for the rest of the night. One thing is for sure, she is NOT an early riser. Which has worked majorly in my favor. I usually stay in bed till Hannah wakes up. If she’s asleep and it’s after 7, I go ahead and get up and let her keep sleeping. Rare is the day she’s up much more before 7. Now if we could only teach Julia to do the same….

Hannah is way smiley and very ticklish. It’s a lot of fun to tick her and just watch her laugh and squirm around. Especially with her way awesome baby fat rolls.

Speaking of fat rolls… this girl has some great legs! I love big chunky baby legs. And she’s got ’em! In fact, she’s already wearing 6-9 month clothes. Even without cloth diapers. With her cloth, she needs to wear up to 12 months, but can fit, tightly, into 6-9. Craziness. But I love it!

And least we forget – poop. Hannah poops like it’s her job, which technically, for a baby it kinda is. But my goodness! This girl knows how to dirty a diaper. Frankly, I’m totally okay with that, because man the more she poops the happier she gets!

1 Response to "Getting to know you"

Your blog makes me happy! Especially this post! Way to go Hannah! I agree with you… pudgy baby legs are the BEST!

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