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Posted on: July 28, 2009

We’re a family of nicknames. Even as a kid I had a ton of nicknames (Liz, Lizard, Sissy, Bob – don’t ask). Anyways, Jonathan and I found it pretty easy to nickname Julia. Here’s just her short list of nicknames:





But for whatever reason, nicknaming Hannah has prosed some troubles. The best I’ve come up with is Hannah Bear. Some others are:




I wanna do more with her middle name (Michelle), but can only think of Shelly/Shell. I did come across Mitzi which I think is kinda cute, but it’s been hard to catch on to, which is a clear sign it’s not the best nickname.

So my blog reading friends, have you got some good nicknames up your sleeve for my little girl?

8 Responses to "Nicknames"

Well, I know the story behind “Bob”… LOL

Anyway, my niece is named Hannah and I call her “Hanie” (like handy without the “d”). Also, she loves pink so I call her pinky sometimes. I also call her “beautiful”. I’ll just walk up to her and say, “Hey there beautiful!” Another one I hear a lot is Hannah-Banana – it’s predictable but totally cute. One of the teens at church is named Hannah and one of her nicknames is Hanno.

For what it’s worth, there ya’ go Bob!

i vote for punkie πŸ™‚ (short u , not a long one)

so not creative enough to participate!

I like punkie (punky) too. My mom always called my sister that, I think as a shortened “pumpkin”.
My nickname was leashy annie (said in a sing song way)- so maybe something like hanny michelle or hanny shelly?

Ooh- just thought of another one- you could do “my belle” as in the beatles song Michelle (me-chelle, my belle).
Although this could get confusing considering Mabel and Belle.
Maybe “meesh” could work?
This is a fun game πŸ™‚

I like Hannie-Bananie or Chele-Belle πŸ™‚ I tend to stick to rhyming names obviously.

We are also a family of nick-namers. Mine was Picky Lewie, picky b/c I was a) very particular about everything and b) hated blue jeans until like age 5 b/c they were “picky” on my legs, compared to stretch pants πŸ™‚ The Lewie came from my great uncle Lewis who was also very particular. As I got older it was shortened to Lewis and my dad still calls me that.

As for Graham, the poor kid has like 10 nicknames, Peanut, Bubber, Bub, Doodle, Dooda… just never could find one that went with Graham though.

And poor Tim just has Tim-o-tee since that’s how he said his name when he was little. Guess some things just stick πŸ™‚

Sarah – I knew you’d get Bob. πŸ˜‰

Ann – no problemo! Obviously, we’re aren’t all that creative either! πŸ™‚

Leah – we call Mabs “punkin” and have called Hannah that a little, so it’d be cute to have “punkin” and “punkie”.

Alicia – I like “my belle”, even if it might get confusing with Mabel. And we totally sing that song to her all the time. Same with Julia and her Beatles song. Man, are we corny or what? Intentionally naming our girls after songs.

Kate – can I call you Lewis?! I always love calling girls by boy nicknames. Not sure why….

Of course, why not… it was an embarassment I learned to overcome a long, long time ago πŸ™‚ JK I don’t care!

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