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Intentional parenting

Posted on: July 27, 2009

Over the last few months, I’ve been really convicted on my parenting. I want my daughters to leave my house prepared to serve, live, love and grow with the Lord. But it can be overwhelming. A lot. I’m required to grapple with their sin nature while dealing with my own. That’s hard work. Yet, stronger and stronger the desire and urgency grows within me to capture their little hearts and lead them the right way.

One of my biggest fears in life is failure. Next to that is failure as a parent. Now, this may sound arrogant, but I’m not all that afraid of not being a “good” mom. I mean, I want my girls to look back and think I was good, but part of me feels like that will happen regardless (maybe because I’m that way with my mom). However, my fear of failure lies in not being a godly example as a parent. My fear is that Julia and Hannah would walk away from my house and not know, really know, the Lord. That is what scares me.

Jonathan and I have started taking steps to make our parenting more intentional, more focused. There are some major tasks at hand, but along with those are seemingly little things that my heart knows will make a difference. One of those little things is computer time. Since we moved our computer upstairs after the remodel, I found myself getting online a lot. At first it was to just “quick check something”. That morphed into checking something else, then something else and before I knew it, I was ignoring Julia because I was too distracted by the web. I slowly realized that I was showing Julia that my time online was more important than spending time with her, her dad, her sister and even God. So I made a commitment to my family, that in order to be more intentional in my parenting, I would only have a designated time to be online. I committed to only getting on 1) during naps (like right now), 2) when Jonathan is home and we are both looking at something together, and 3) during Julia’s blanket time.

I know it seems small, but for my heart it’s a big deal. It’s choosing to say no to self and yes to God and His calling on my life. And really, it’s quite liberating.

3 Responses to "Intentional parenting"

I really appreciate your honesty Sarah. This is something I struggle with too, although I don’t have kids around yet. But I think about how I’m setting myself up now for when we do have kids. Thanks for reminding me to be making the most of my time and not putting my desire to read the latest email, read the latest blog post, or see the newest pictures on facebook before my desire to serve God and my husband.

There is nothing small about your sacrifice! I too fight the same battle of computer time and the battle of showing my children the Lord through my actions. I am thankful thought that the Lord is the one who can only change their hearts and I will do my best to raise my children in the admonition of the Lord. I will teach them that God has a hand in everything…ABCs & 123s. I will teach them that He is their Savior if they choose Him as Lord of their life. I will not treat my children as pagans who are on their way to Hell unless I do something about it. No, I will teach my children instead how daily life encorporates living by the Word of God and pray that one day I will get to see fruits of the Holy Spirit working in them. Press on Sister! Don’t be overcome by fear and timidity, but walk in the Spirit and you’re children will know that God is real.

Good for you! Keep first things first!

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