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Toilet to therapist’s couch

Posted on: November 25, 2008

In my quest to start potty training (or at least learning more about it), I have come across very, very strange ideas. One of those is that being potty training before two is a sure fire why to send your child into emotional distress and thus leading to mental therapy later in life. Another (and obviously my favorite) is that diapers are made better and better nowadays and thus we should take advantage of them until the child is entering school (approximately 4-5 years old) and must be potty trained in order to attend. Umm… no.

Now I realize that I have never, ever potty trained someone. I imagine it is difficult and trying on both the mother and child’s patience. I can only think that there is a level of self-discipline that moms are called to (in taking the child every 20-30 minutes all day, every day) that I have never known. I am also realistic that potty training doesn’t just “happen”, especially if the child is very young, and that some children take longer to “get it”.

But saying that Julia will be emotionally scarred from the experience, or that I should just let her decide when she is ready, seems bogus to me. I mean, sure, if you are pushing them, making it a horrible experience, I can see the downfall in that. However, if, like all parenting should be, you act in love, patience, gentleness, I would see the experience as enjoyable and even fun. Well, as fun as pooping and peeing can be.

I am currently planning on starting potty training come the spring. I thought that we could start sooner, but that would mean keep the house really warm during the day, and for me to have my act together. I am a little doubtful on that last part. Seriously, if I can let my clean laundry sit in a basket for nearly a week, I don’t think I’m ready for a new adventure.

2 Responses to "Toilet to therapist’s couch"

“Seriously, if I can let my clean laundry sit in a basket for nearly a week”

Definitely the best part of this whole post. There’s much comfort in knowing I’m not the only one 🙂

I am getting Avery a training potty for Christmas! A prrrtttyyy pink one! I read that it makes the transition smoother and in some cases quicker if we warm them up to it first. Who knew that learning to use the toilet would be such a big freakin’ deal?? I feel ya girl!! 😉

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