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My life in two years

Posted on: November 20, 2008

Today I got to watch my friend, Leah’s, almost 3 year old girl, Belle. It was a lot of fun, and gave me a good insight to what my life will look like in two years with a 3 year old and *gasp* 18 month old.

Here are just a few of my favorite moments:


Me: Belle, what would you like to drink? Milk or water?

Belle: Apple juice.

Me: We don’t have apple juice. Just milk or water.

Belle: Lemonade.

Me: Water it is!

*Where’s your daddy?*

Belle: Where’s Jonathan?

Me: He’s at work.

Belle: Why?

Me: Well, he works during the day just like your daddy.

Belle: You mean Jason.

Me: *laugh* Yes, Jason.

*Animal or food?*

Me: Belle, do you know what that is? (pointing to a gorilla in a picture book)

Belle: No.

Me: It’s a gorilla.

Belle: I eat granola!

Me: *laughs* No sweetie, I said gorilla, not granola.

Belle: Well, it sounds like granola. I eat granola.

After that, I don’t think I will ever be able to eat granola again without thinking about gorillas. They really do sound alike!


Me: Belle, thank you so much for obeying and cleaning up!

Belle: My mom obeys me.

There was more to this conversation (don’t worry Leah! I think she was a little confused as she later said she obeys you), but I was rolling on the floor at this point.

Ahh, things are going to get interesting in the Windham household!

2 Responses to "My life in two years"

haha! those were great! you know understand why like every other day i have a “quote of the day ” blog… they just keep coming! thanks again for watching her!

Those quotable moments come sooner and sooner. Using my 2-year-old niece as an example, when we went to the Milwaukee Museum in July, one of the first exhibits we came up to was this model recreation of some of the first European settlers of Wisconsin killing a deer. My niece saw that and the first words out of her mouth were, “Uh oh.”

With Ben, we’re already (or should I say “I”) training him to be a sports fan, like his dad. He’ll sit there and cheer during a game on TV (his best moments are during basketball or soccer games), saying “rah rah” as I encourage him.

Those are the things you remember.

God Bless!


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