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Potty training

Posted on: November 9, 2008

More and more lately I have considered potty training Julia over the next 6+ months so as to have her out of diapers by the time Dubya Dos arrives. In all reality this is a long shot, but some part of me is hopeful that it could be done. And here’s why… gory details and all.

A couple of weeks ago Julia was taking a bath. I was sitting next to the tub reading, when she stood up along the side to start interacting with me. I was still half reading, half playing when I realized she was acting a little, well, strained. Immediately I asked “Are you pooping?”. Obviously, she gave no answer but a grunt was enough to confirm what I expected. I picked her up, sat her on the toilet where she did her business. A few days later, during a diaper change I caught her pre-poo and dashed off to the bathroom.

Then again tonight we had another random success. We allow Julia to have naked time sometimes after she’s just had a diaper change. So tonight during NT I noticed that she was needing to using the bathroom. I sat her on the toilet and she did her thing. Pretty impressive for a 11 1/2 month old. At least I think so.

With these “victories” under my belt, I can’t help but wonder if I could feasibly potty train a 1 year old. I’ve heard about elimination communication, but mostly viewed it with an upturned nose. Now I’m starting to reconsider my stance on EC and toying with the idea of having a few diaper free days, to assess the situation. Hmmm… This might require laying down some plastic all over the floors, or scheduling for Robert to come clean our carpets the following day! We’ll see. I always have grandiose ideas that don’t pan out exactly as I imagine, and this could just be one of those.

5 Responses to "Potty training"

My friend Pam has done a combo of EC and cloth with her little boy. When mike and I visited them her husband was explaining it to mike and i think maybe almost had him convinced! I’m still a bit skeptical though, but who knows! Anyway, my sister’s going to try to potty train Teagan next summer (at ~18 months) since she’d like to have 2 in diapers for as short a time as possible. I’ve always heard that girls are easier to potty train, so maybe you have the advantage.

I was potty trained at one year. My mom thought she would be overwhelmed with my sister on the way (we’re only 14 months apart). I wish I knew what method she used!

or the sweet thing is you are already saving a lot of cash doing cloth- and just wait until she wants to be potty trained?! maybe she is already ready who knows-
abigail is training herself and it’s awesome- i have friends who have been doing it for months and it isn’t working out- craziness.. i have better things to do! 🙂

I say you go for it! My friend Katie had her little girl fully toilet trained by 15 months… Julia could SO do it!

belle seemed excited about potty training until it was what she was supposed to do… then it didn’t go so well! 🙂 we tried at 18 month and it went great for an entire day- no accidents. then the next day she was screaming bloody murder when i took her to her little seat. yep- that is when we decided she wasn’t ready! 🙂 however, i say go for it and try it… you can always stop and try again later. good grace!

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