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Go ahead, laugh

Posted on: September 14, 2008

Last weekend Jonathan told me that he was going to cut his own hair. I started laughing so hard, I had to cross my legs to keep from peeing. Seriously, cut your own hair?! But, he was determined, saying that it couldn’t be that hard, he just needed the right tools. So we borrowed a clipper set from Leah and spent Saturday night cuttin’ hair. I must admit, he did a pretty good job, only needing my help for some blending and his neck line.

Today I went to have my hair cut and trimmed. My previous stylist is no longer at the cosmetology school where I go, so based on a recommendation I saw a different girl, who is actually pretty good.

I should preface this by saying I am really, really picky about my hair. However, I tend not to actually saying when I don’t like something, and when I do say anything, I am a little sheepish. I’m growing out of this and have, especially since I’m dealing with students, learned to voice my concerns and suggestions, but I’m still not all the way there.

Well, today, I told the girl that cut my hair, that while I wanted exactly what I had, only shorter, she should feel free to do as she pleased. So, she went shorter. She also went “choppier”, as this is the in style. As she was cutting my hair, I surveyed the room and saw that every one with short hair, had choppy hair. I could see where this was going. I’m not one for “choppy”. I like smooth, finely placed hair. I don’t want chop. I want smooth. But do I say a thing? Nope.

Since my hair wasn’t styled the way I usually do every day, I just figured all would be fine by the time I went home and did my thing. But alas, when I was fixing everything up, I realized that my hair just wasn’t doing what I was hoping for. While I think the choppy look is super cute on others, it just isn’t for me. I felt like things were all out of whack, even at the insistence of everyone telling me it was fine, just not exactly the same as before.

Around 5pm, I told Jonathan I needed to call the Salon and go back in to have the girl fix my hair. I just couldn’t keep it this way, as it would bother me. Jonathan asked if I really wanted to spend the time driving across town just to have my hair fixed to my “perfections”. Of course not. But at the same time, I didn’t want to wait another 4 weeks until my next appointment. Especially since we’re heading to Tennessee in less than two weeks. So, what do we agree upon? To have Jonathan fix it himself. Well, it’s only hair, right?. It’ll grow back, right? Cut it. Fix it up. Just don’t laugh when it’s all said and done.

Thus, we spent nearly two hours of our Saturday night cutting my hair. Go ahead, laugh.

I will admit, we aren’t pros. But one thing is for sure: it looks pretty good in my own opinion. Jonathan did a really good job. And if nothing else, we had a really fun time doing it.

5 Responses to "Go ahead, laugh"

Oh man, you are brave! I have cut Mike’s hair since we got married, but I have never considered having him cut my hair!
I’ve been really needing a haircut, but since Elizabeth finished school, I haven’t been able to decide whether I should go back their and try a student, or if I should start paying more for my haircuts again…

Amen to what Alicia said. I’ve cut Dexter’s hair a few times and shaved his head since that was easy. But even though he’s supposed to be an “artist” I don’t think I could ever trust him with my hair. I’ve been going to the same lady in Des Moines for over 10 years, and she knows how to make my super thick hair not so huge. I’ve been wanting to find someone here to cut my hair, but I’m too afraid that whoever I try will give me a “straight hair ‘fro.” I guess if I’m too afraid to let a professional cut my hair, it makes sense that I wouldn’t let Dexter.

Tianna went to someone there last week and got a bad cut too! Well, it wasn’t *bad,* it just seemed more like a style you’d see on a 12 year old or something.

Alicia S.

i’m impressed! 🙂

That is AWESOME! But, it is better than cutting your own hair. I have done that one before and then had to have Rachel fix it for me. She followed it up with a, “Please call me first BEFORE you try this yourself again.” Oh the joys of hair!

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