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God rocks.

Posted on: August 28, 2008

You might remember my post on Southern Living versus Midwest Living and how I was lamenting the fact that I was switching.

Let me just say: God rocks.

Shortly after that post I cancelled my subscription.

Or so I thought.

Today I received a we-want-our-money letter from SL for this year’s issues. I called them to re-cancel. When the woman on the phone asked me why I was cancelling I told her it was getting too expensive (having gone from free – Thanks girls! – to $12 a year, to $36). Of course, she asked if I was interested in any of their other magazines, and replied, no, that I had just subscribed to Midwest Living (as I live in Iowa) and didn’t need Coastal Living.

Then a random turn of events.

She asked me how much I paid for this past year’s issues. I said that it had been the in ballpark of $12 for the year.

Know what she said?!

Ok, I can honor that same price for this year too, if you’d like.

If I’d like?! Oh you betcha I’d like!

I am now sittin’ pretty with one more year of Southern Living (do worries Jonathan, it was only $11.88!).

God totally answered the desire of my heart! I so wanted to keep my subscription and without even knowing it, He totally made that possible. Had everything been cancelled as I thought, I wouldn’t be able to rejoice in knowing just how much My God cares about the little things.

God rocks.

1 Response to "God rocks."

Maybe the debil made it happen so you would be distracted by earthly, Southern pleasures. >:)

-Alicia S.

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