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Fifty millions posts rolled into one…

Posted on: August 27, 2008

Not really, I tend to exaggerate sometimes. All the same, I haven’t had much time to write lately, so rather than trying to remember several ideas for different posts I’d just much rather write one.

My husband

Jonathan turns 30 in t-minus 4 hours. He is spending his last few moments as a “20-something” sleeping, since he was on Julia duty from 2-4 last night. Ah, what a way to ring in such a momentous birthday. In all seriousness, I just want to announce to the blogging world that Jonathan pretty much rocks. I fully understand that my love for him is different than anyone else’s, but still, in case you were wondering, I think he’s pretty much amazing. Happy birthday Jonny.*

Mexican Mamacita

I feel that I am fully on my way to becoming a bona fide mamacita. This is something that I have wanted to achieve for quite some time. While I have been able to piece together bits of mamacita likeness, I have not quite captured the mamacita cooking. However, spending the last two weeks with the Mamacita of all mamacitas (Jonathan’s grandma) has helped finally (in my opinion) push me over the edge. I’ve learned how to cook a gauntlet of dishes that would win me much praise among the Hispanics in Texas. My favorite of them has been, drum roll please, Tortillas! I now know how to make flour tortillas from scratch. Even made some tonight! I’m perfecting my technique, but once I feel satisfied with my performance I do promise to teach anyone who wants to learn.

Stuff that piggy

As always, we are still on the quest for helping Julia sleep through the night. Seeing as crying it out didn’t favor to well, we’re trying a sweeter, more hands on approach. We are stuffing her face like a piggy.

I’ve started to see a pattern in her morning naps. If she is well feed and has spent an adequate amount of time in the mei tai then she tends to sleep really well (like, say 2 1/2 hours that she did today). So we figured we’d try it out. I carried her for about an hour tonight, then we feed her all the oatmeal and prunes she could handle (1/4 cup dry oatmeal and a 4 oz jar of prunes – not sure how much that makes, as the oatmeal expands when it is wet). Here’s to hoping we found something that might work!

How to be green in an ungreen world

Let’s face it, Texans aren’t known for being green. Unless you live in Austin, your idea of green is… well I was going to say grass, but seeing as it’s August that doesn’t really exist anywhere in Texas. Needless to say, green isn’t the “thing” to do. But, since my sister, Shelly, has voiced her desire to be a little more green, I thought I’d share some ideas for going green in a covert way (like how I used covert, Shelly? That’s just for Jesse).

1. Change your cleaning products. No one will really notice this but you, so they can’t look at you all funny with their big Dallas hair and say “Well, hun, you sure has changed since you been gone” (said in the best Southern drawl I can manage).

2. Plant a garden. This would be a terrific way to teach Katie and Madeline about their food source and allow them to have a sense of pride when they eat their harvest. I know, I know, it seems like a lot of work, so do something easy. Do a tomato plant or two, and some peppers. Then when you harvest, you can make salsa!

3. Walk more often. In TEXAS?! Yeah, I remember how hot it is. But still, walking not only is a health benefit, it saves on gas. So walk as much as you can. You can even make it a family affair in the evenings after dinner, when it’s a bit cooler.

4. Plug your computer/tv into power strips that you turn off after every use. Even when electronics are “off” they stil use energy. However, if you essentially “unplug” them (reason for the strip) then they stop using up energy. This is also important for kitchen appliances, just maybe not your fridge.

5. Recycle and reuse. This might be a little more obvious, since the neighbors will see your recycling bin each week, but it’s a great idea. It teaches you to be more aware of the items in your house that are recyclable, it will allow the girls to use their imaginations to reuse items, and it will cut back on your trash every week.

So, those are my ideas for going green in Texas. Hope the neighbors don’t kick you out of the association!

*Here’s a little ditty for my honey:

Lyrics | Barry Louis Polisar – All I Want Is You lyrics

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I love you pumpkin! You are my mamacita!

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