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Watch out Batman! She’s coming back!

Posted on: January 24, 2008

I cooked dinner two times this week!

And I don’t mean just using the frozen meals we have, but actually cutting up meat and veggies and making something! Oh, and then I made cookies. From scratch!

Oh, oh, oh, and then, and then I brushed my teeth before bed (like I actually brushed my teeth for the first time of the day before 9 pm!).

But that’s not all, I did laundry, vacuumed and took a shower this week! And what’s even better, I remembered to put on deodorant!

Holy smokes, I’m on a roll! What next? Finding a cure for cancer? Saving the penguins from extinction? Joining the Peace Corps?

Man, I put Martha Stewart to shame.

8 Responses to "Watch out Batman! She’s coming back!"

Congrats! What fun!

Good work friend!!

I don’t know about the penguins, maybe you could help with all the tone-deaf llamas in need of heart surgery.

haha! i’m feeling the same way these days after starting to recover from being sick for so long! i cooked homemade pizza last night and thought i was some hot stuff! 🙂

Ditto what Leah said… but I made sugar cookies (although I had the dough already in the freezer, and got help from Jake and Belle) AND I most-of-way cleaned Jake’s room! Yay for progress!

I salute you, oh high and mighty homemaker!! I also hang my head in shame that I haven’t done a thing in 2 weeks. Please give me absolution for my sins of omission.


Thy sin is forgiven my child.

Those things are quite an accomplishment these days aren’t they. :)When I heard from other mom’s that they barely have time to shower I didn’t believe it. Until, I began to have conversations with Rob about how I think I showered yesterday but I don’t remember.

And.. you are getting your sense of humor back!! That had me rolling!! 😉 Yay for Sarah!!! Dinner made, cure for cancer… here we come!!

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