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Maybe, just maybe…

Posted on: December 11, 2007

…I’m going to make it.

In review of the last week, things are getting better. I’m slowly starting to get my head wrapped around all the ideas of motherhood and my confidence is growing, even if a millimeter a day.

Today was a really good day. We went back to the doctor and Julia has gotten back (and passed) her birth weight. She’s gained a 1/2 pound in one week, which is super good! We also went by my old work to introduce her to my co-workers. And while she screamed like none other at the appointment, I just started to realize, “Hey, babies cry, people will get over it.”

Also, the feeding thing is getting smoother. We’re still getting adjust to it, but like one of the nurses said today “Well, I bet the feedings are better than a week ago, and a lot better than two weeks ago.” She’s right. They are. And they will continue to get better.

While I could sit here and think, “Sarah, you’re a great mom. You rock” all I can really think is, “Wow, God. You are a great God. I couldn’t do any of this without You. Thank You.” And it’s true. Every day, good or bad, is a blessing from God. Today was good. Yesterday was rough. Tomorrow could go either way. But God is the same, His grace is the same, His love is the same. And that alone is worthy of my praise.

So, thank You, God. You rock.

2 Responses to "Maybe, just maybe…"

Amen Sista!

I am proud of you Sarah! I really really want to meet the little lady someday soon. Love ya!

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