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Pregnancy musings, or, Thoughts from a Hippo

Posted on: October 29, 2007

My tinker finally hit the 9 month mark. 4 weeks left and counting.

There are a few things that I’ve come to realize over the last month:

1. No matter how high your self esteem is, when you can’t get out of bed on your own you tend to think maybe you’re a tad on the “big” size.

2. When you walk into HyVee and hear someone say “Wow, you’ve gotten really big” you automatically think they are talking about you. Only when you turn around do you realize they are talking to a 5 year old.

3. If you go on a weekend getaway with your hubby, don’t be surprised if the people running the B&B give you the name and number of the local nurse “just in case”.

4. Even though you might forget at times that your pregnant (maybe it’s just me, but I’m a rather forgetful person and can even forget I’m pregnant… if for all of 2 seconds) you are rudely reminded when you try to do the following:

A. Wash dishes
B. Do laundry
C. Get up from a chair
D. Sit down in a chair
E. Walk
F. Try to jump up on a counter top to sit (yes, I actually did this last night. Don’t ask why I thought I could do it, but I think it’s because I honest forgot about the basketball I have under my shirt).

5. Laying down has never been so scary. I can’t even recline in a chair without my breathing being cut off.

6. Mostly, I’ve come to realize that while my body is no longer my own, I can’t begin to express the joy I have when I feel my daughter move, hiccup, kick or anything else. It really has been an amazing 36 weeks, and I am truly grateful to God for every last minute of it.

3 Responses to "Pregnancy musings, or, Thoughts from a Hippo"

Lol, I also tried to jump onto a kitchen counter. And I also actually thought it to be possible! Unfortunately this was with Ambre Sautter, who, shall we say, was not very timid in laughing at me being too “fat” to do it. You really are beautiful though Sarah. I can’t wait to meet your little girl!

You are indeed beautiful Sarah, inside and out! Your comments are oh-so-true! I would add, paint your own toenails… that was one that was one that always got to me. :)!

We are so excited for you three and constantly praying for you all!

I can totally relate! I was in Target the other day buying a microwave. I hoisted it on the cart and thought..yeah! I can still do this. When i got to the check out, the guy says “ma’am, let me get someone to help you out with that, I said No, I think I can manage, puffing my chest out(not literally). I walked to the door and a man approached me and said, Ma’am, Im going to have to help you out with that, Its company policy… I guess it’s safe to say, Im showing now!! LOL!! I hope you are doing FAB! ~K

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