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It’s okay, I’m still awesome

Posted on: October 19, 2007

This morning I went over to Jonathan’s office to drop off his phone that I forgot to give him before we left the house. Then we decided to walked down from the 3rd floor of the hospital to the 1st to put a few letters in the mail. Before we left I needed to take a potty break.

I went into the girl’s bathroom, thinking “Wow, did they change this since the last time I was here? It’s a lot smaller than I remember”. Nevertheless, I do my business. Surrounding me are some rather inappropriate comments, and the thought passes through my brain “Man, girls are kinda vulgar”.

I leave the stall to wash my hands, only to come face to face with a urinal. That’s right, I was standing in the men’s restroom. I quickly turned around and went straight for the door. When I came out Jonathan looks at me funny and we both look at the sign next to the door that clearly says “MEN”. He’s response, “Did you just go in the guy’s room?”. Yes, yes I did. I am a genius in a dunce hat. But it’s okay, I’m still awesome.

5 Responses to "It’s okay, I’m still awesome"

Sweet! I thought you were gonna say it seemed smaller because your tummy was getting bigger. 😉

You know what, we went to the movies a few weeks back, I was shocked at how small the stalls were. I mean, I could barely get out of it!!

Many years ago I spent a long night, with my mother, sitting at the bedside of a dear aunt as she transitioned from this life to the next. This aunt, in life, never seemed to have much of a sense of humor, yet I knew that, somewhere inside of her, she did.

Anyhow, after she died my mother and I went to breakfast and then I had to rush off to an assignment in the middle of nowhere – several hours away.

As I got close I went in to the last rest area before my exit – one I had been in many times before.

I entered the men’s room, passing a few men as they were leaving,and found a stall.

As I sat there I began to notice odd looking shoes passing by. In the stall, on either side of me, I noticed odd looking shoes and pants resting against the floor.

Hmmm, I said to myself in a quizicle way. “These are some really odd folks. Then, a light went off (remember I hadn’t slept all night). These are women! Holy … am I in the wrong restroom?

Now the plan was “how do I get out without causing a commotion? (you know how women can get with a man is in their bathroom).

After waiting, for what seemed to be an eternity, and when I thought the coast was clear I exited and made a beeline for the door. On the way out I noticed the infamous urinals on the wall – again scratching me head. As I reached the door I saw that the cleaning people had, after I entered, place a cardboard “Woman” sign of the Men sign.

I realized then that my Aunt Catherine did indeed have a sense of humor.

Wow, David, that is amazing. Thank you for passing this nugget along to me.

That is a great story!

Though, in my extreme concert going days we would always go in the men’s room because there was never a line. Oy for being young and foolish!

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