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How many blondes does it take…

Posted on: August 23, 2007

To melt a microwave?

Just one. Me.

I tried popping some popcorn for my afternoon snack. I was standing in the breakroom listening to the pops, reading the newspaper, when I smelled this really awful smell. I turned around and smoke was billowing from the microwave. I opened up the door, only to find that the plastic on the inside of the door was melting.

I had one of my co-workers come see it, when next thing I know everyone is yelling at me to leave. “Sarah, what are you thinking?! You can’t be in here with these fumes! Leave!” So, I spent the next hour avoiding my office until I got the clear from everyone. The microwave was hauled off on a cart headed for the dump. It was like a funeral procession as everyone came out to see what was happening, and I just stood in the hall with my hands in my pockets saying “I didn’t mean to, I swear.”

And what makes this all so funny, is that Jonathan and I bought this new kind of popcorn and I swear every time I make it something goes wrong.

The popcorn burns.

The popcorn never pops.

The bag is burned so bad there is a hole in it.

Or, the microwave melts.

1 Response to "How many blondes does it take…"

Some things you just can’t scrimp on. Popcorn is one of them. Glad they got you out of the room.


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