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Chubby bunny fingers

Posted on: August 14, 2007

First, let me just say “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!” to all of my wonderful girlfriends who have generiously let me borrow their preggo clothes. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how great it is to a) not spend a ton of money on a whole new wardrobe, b) actually have clothes that aren’t being held up by hair ties.

Something that I have come to realize is that I really do like being pregnant. Of course, I think it does my self-esteem wonders when Jonathan tells me how beautiful I am every day. Plus, it’s a perk when you have super cute clothes to wear everyday instead of your too-tight-pre-pregnancy clothes. So, all in all, I’ve not had major issues with my expanding form.

However, I will say there have been a few things I didn’t bargain for. One of those being a change in my ring size. Now, I will be honest in saying my fingers are small. I’m not sure why they are, but it seems to be a family thing. My mom has small fingers, my grandmother had small fingers, and so do I. Now, I should also note that not my whole finger is small, just the point before and after my knuckle. The knuckle itself is the size of Texas, literally. For that reason, I have always had some struggle with my wedding rings. They fit fine once on my finger, but sliding them over the knuckle takes some force. But, I’ve never worried about it since I never usually take them off.

Well, last week I realized that my rings were beginning to hurt my finger. Actually I noticed it a while ago, but sucked it up and wore them anyway. But last week I couldn’t take it anymore, I took off my rings (and several layers of skin around my knuckle!) and have been wearing them around my neck. I’m feeling rather naked without them on and have started wearing some blue ring I found buried in my jewelry box. I’m really hoping this was a ring that Jonathan gave me at some point so that I can at least still say that I’m wearing a ring my husband gave me.

I think I might endeavor to buy a nice silver ring for the future. But still, I am in shock at how chubby my fingers have gotten. My sister-in-law, Shelly, was joking with me last night and said “Well, I’ve always wondered were skinny people put their extra weight. Not their butt or thighs, but apparently their fingers!”.

7 Responses to "Chubby bunny fingers"

I noticed the rings on your necklace. I think that’s pretty common in pregnancy. Although the chubbiness of your fingers probably has more to do with water retention than it does with fat.

Putting on my dietitian hat, I feel compelled to mention that you might consider watching your sodium intake- it can help limit the swollen fingers, ankles, and all that. I can give you more specifics if you want.

Ok- now that I’m done with that I’ll go back to being just your friend and just say you are one cute prego lady 🙂

i remember wendy when she was prego with jake, they told her to take in more water to help reduce swelling…. that seemed counter productive to me. but i’m sure it was a good idea! glad to hear the clothes are coming in handy!

Leah- it’s true! Less salt and more water is the way to beat water retention. It does seem counter intuituve but it works!

Bummer about the fingers. With Jake, I swelled up like someone with a bee sting (you know, someone who is allergic to bees)… anyway, it caused carpal tunnel. Hope it doesn’t get that bad for you. The bummer part for me was that I couldn’t wear my ring around my neck, b/c my chest breaks out in a rash whenever I wear necklaces! I felt really, um, sinful walking around pregnant without a ring.

Just think, only 99 days to go! Your doing great! Just hang in there! (a little pep talk for me too) LOL!

Although I have small fingers (size 5 actually) my fingers grew to the size of grapefruits with each and every one of the 6 of you. In fact, Grandmother Betty gave me her “pregnancy ring” that she wore with me and the rest of my siblings. Want to try it for size?


Mom, that would be super! Maybe you can mail it to me?

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