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Puppy, baby and Cinco de Mayo, part 2

Posted on: May 7, 2007

Jack is housebroken! Well, almost. He hasn’t had any accidents in several days, and the ones that he has had were our fault because we weren’t paying attention to how long he has gone between breaks. In fact, on Sunday morning, he woke me up at 6:30 by jumping up on the bed and whining. I took that as the “I need to pee” sign, grabbed him and took him outside. So, he’s gotten down the idea that if he whines he gets to go “do his business”. And that my friends is a huge step in puppy world. Needless to say, Jonathan and I are quite excited. Now, if only Baby Dubya is as easy to housebreak…

So far my morning sickness hasn’t been as bad as it could (some stories of my friends’ experiences terrify me…). I’ve had nausea, but nothing too extreme, and have only thrown up a few times. However, this morning proved to be a dosey. I woke up feeling not so good, but thought “I can push through this”. About half way through the morning my toilet and I had become very close friends. At some point I thought “Sarah, if for no reason other than this, thank you for being such a neat freak and making sure your toilet is always spotless”. After what seemed like way too long for my liking, I gathered up my battered self, emailed my boss and went back to bed. I woke up a bit more refreshed, but unfortunately, it hasn’t lasted, and now I get to sit at my desk choking down crackers praying my boss doesn’t ask too many questions before I can tell him the big news next week.

However, that story shouldn’t overshadow the real story. Our Cinco de Mayo party rocked. I maybe biased, but I had a really good time on Saturday. The weather was beautiful and there was a really good turn out of people. We had a pinata, which turned out to be more for looks and less for hitting, as it was made out of cardboard and not paper mache. But it was fun all the same, and I think people really enjoyed themselves (at least I hope… and if you didn’t please don’t let me know). I think we might just have to make it a tradition. Plus, what made it really awesome, was the fact that Jonathan made homemade tortillas. Yummy. And our neighbor brought guacamole dip, which was fabulous. Yummy again! So, mark your calendars for this time next year and come prepared for the best party of the year. 🙂

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