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Anniversary Extravaganza 2006!

Posted on: August 1, 2006

Last year for during our honeymoon, Jonathan and I called the time “Honeymoon Extravaganza 2005”, since we were on vacation for 2 wonderful weeks. This past weekend we celebrated our 1 year anniversary, dubbed “Anniversary Extravaganza 2006.” I’m liking this trend and think every year we should have a party like attitude to celebrate our relationship and what God has done in our lives.

Friday we kicked our anniversary off with a bang. Actually with a bike. We rode in RAGBRAI from Marengo to Coralville. Ahh, RAGBRAI. We rode a glorious 47 miles in blistering heat for 7 1/2 hours. Did I mention that Jonathan and I are crazy?! Well, we are. And the best part of our ride was the “rolling hills”. Everyone told us the ride was pretty much flat with the exception of one large hill. WRONG! Jonathan calculated that we rode what was equivilant of going up hill for 10 miles. And the “one large hill” was actually Iowa’s steepest incline (so we were told). By the time we were back in IC we had some pretty sweet tan lines, and some very sore bottoms!

Saturday we drove to Des Moines for Dexter and Kelsey Jacobs wedding. It was a real blessing to go to a wedding during our anniversary. Dan performed the ceremony and spoke on Ephesians 5:22-33. I almost laughed when he gave the reference, because Jonathan and I had just been discussing (for over a week) on the husband/wife role. So many times I find myself following after myself and not Jonathan. And each time whatever I planned our whatever I did seems to get me in trouble some how. But when I just submit and follow Jonathan, life seems to be a breeze. Interesting…. At any rate, God used that message to only confirm what Jonathan has been saying for days, and it really made me realize the need to follow and not lead.

After the wedding we drove to Pella, where we stayed in a bed and breakfast. Pella is a nice sleepy town, and the time alone with my hubby was nice. We went to dinner, rented a movie and just talked about how amazing God has been over this last year. We have been so blessed in our marriage, with more growth in one year than either of us expected, and it’s all because of God. And we like it that way. At one point we just started praying thanking Christ for being in control and that we would always live and life and marriage that put Him first and at the head.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend. And once we get settled in to the Abdos this week I’ll post pictures of RAGBRAI.

2 Responses to "Anniversary Extravaganza 2006!"

I can comment now!! 🙂
I can’t wait to see pictures from Friday’s ride! 🙂

My Dad said the same thing about the Marengo to Coralville route. On Thursday he was commenting about how it should be an easy short ride, especially since the Newton to Marengo route was such a long one. But afterward he said the hills were just brutal. What a way to celebrate your anniversary!! Congrats on a successful first year!

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