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Teens: The unexplored world.

Posted on: July 24, 2006

Jonathan and I have been praying about having kids for the last few months. I’m the very happy-go-lucky daydreamer in the relationship, but Jonathan’s very logical and keeps me grounded. He brings up all the very serious issues, while I bring up color schemes for bedrooms. Over the last month or two, I’ve started to really get a grasp on the idea of “real parenting”. God’s been revealing what it will truly mean to be a parent; working on my character and my relationship with Christ, not just growing up socially acceptable children. As it seems that time is getting closer to us actually trying to have kids, I’ve learned one thing. I am so, and I mean soooo, very grateful that we get to start off as parents of infants and not teens.

For the last 3 weeks, Bradley, my 18 year old brother-in-law, has been staying with us. Teens are funny little creatures. They sleep and eat 24-7. They know everything and are not so willing to listen to anyone other than other teens (who also know everything). It’s been a very good test of my patience. I have to realize that Bradley hasn’t yet come to know Christ as his Savior, and therefore can’t walk in the spirit. Which means I need to show even more love and more compassion. Man!

Luckily, Jonathan is right here with me. Every time I get short with Bradley, or say something so out of the spirit, I turn around to have Jonathan say “Is this what God wants from you?” Well, no silly, but that’s what my flesh wants, and isn’t that what counts?! Well, obviously not, but sometimes I think that way. So I have to put myself in check, ask God for more strength and keep showing unconditional love, when really I want to pop someone’s head like a little tick.

And it makes me realize, God’s a good God. He is loving, patient, kind, giving, caring, and gentle. While I deserve to spend eternity away from Him, He’s made it possible to be with Him forever. So who am I to complain about one month of endurance? I know that He will (and has) provide me with so much more grace than I could ever ask for, especially when I least deserve it. And so, with all that grace, I think it’s only right to show it to others.

2 Responses to "Teens: The unexplored world."

I like the new family blog! And I definitely agree with you on being glad that we will start as parents of infants, not teens!

It’s funny because before Mike and I were married, I was somewhat ambivalent about having kids- I knew I wanted them, but thought I could wait a few years. But after getting married, the desire to have kids has gotten really strong. I definitely have daydream type moments, but I’m trying to curb that by thinking about the true difficulties in parenting.

Thanks for loaning me the Growing up Whitney book. It makes me realize how much I have to do to prepare myself while I’m waiting for God’s timing with having kids. Before I expect my children to be obedient, I need to learn obedience to God.

I was the same way before we got married. I thought “Oh maybe in 6 years.” But now it’s a much more here and now kinda feeling.

And the book was fabulous. I’m sure you’ll learn alot. We should sit down and talk about it sometime. 🙂

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