A Wife Loved Like The Church

First family blog.

Posted on: July 21, 2006

It seems that every family has their own “family” blog. Seeing as Jonathan is a computer genius (even if he’s modest and says he’s not), I thought it a shame to not have a blog.

We’re moving this weekend. Jonathan’s been in Chicago the last few days with Pat, so I’m not even sure what the game plan is for moving our stuff. Plus, we’ve got the decision of living with the Abdos or the Olingers. **Geez it’s so nice having friends who are just itching to live with us** I actually think it’s all because of Judah. 🙂 Perhaps we’ll do halvies. One month with the Abdos and one month with the O’s. Either way, I’ve got a feeling that the next three months are going to be way better than I can even imagine. It’s like being on vacation… but better.

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