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I love my girls. Like, deep-passionate-they-are-my-all type love. And frankly, I think girls pretty much rock. But when we found out that we were having a little Joseph, I was thrilled. Boys seem like little cuddly Tasmanian devils to me {meaning, cuddly little balls of energy}. Yet, I have no real mommy experience when it comes to little men, so I was super glad when Alicia agreed to do a guest post on her thoughts on raising boys. 

I am the oldest of 5 girls (with one little brother thrown in the mix). Tea parties, dress-up, coloring princess pictures, quietly reading, imaginary fairy games, and painted toenails were common affairs.

Now, I’m pregnant with my second BOY. Our 1st little boy is almost 2 and of all the things listed above, there has only been a bit of quiet reading. But there has been huge fascination with things like bikes, tractors, dinosaurs, trucks, sticks, sand, water, noise, and BUGS. I’m just beginning my journey of learning how to raise little boys, but so far I’ve discovered that:

1) Mess = fun. The same goes for noise. Which means that this quiet-craving, neat-freak mama has to relax. Toys were meant to be dumped out in loud crashing glory. Puddles are perfect for splashing. One of my son’s favorite activities is to “help” me wash the dishes, which means more work on my part. It involves water on the floor, dishes rewashed, and squeezing my 7 1/2 month pregnant self in between the counter and the chair that he stands on. But is it worth it? Oh yes.

IMG_8589 copy

2) He needs to take risks. On the playground, I step back and try not follow behind him every step with cautionary “be carefuls.” He’s very young, so the risks aren’t very big yet…but I know that will change.

3) The fact that “boys will be boys” does not mean that my son has to be an ill-mannered, reckless destroyer. He can respect boundaries and learn to use his “quiet voice” when the baby is sleeping. Being a boy is not a ticket for disobedience. And little boys can learn manners at a very young age! Lately, my reward (after much patient training) has been my son’s sweet voice saying “Tay-tu, Mommy!” (Thank you, Mommy!) and “Pees” (Please).

The Police and the Bad Guys (April 13)

4) He needs a firm hand. I’ve learned to command instead of suggest. Mommy’s word goes. I cannot be swayed by the waves of his emotions or will. When I enforce my words, life is simpler and happier for all of us, and my son is content.


5) Regular “rough love” is a must! Tickles, pillow fights, and chases are like medicine to him, and his squeals of delight are like medicine to me.

6) The cuddles and affection of a little boy will fill your heart to bursting!

Hangin' (not sure why we're turned wrong way)

7) Having a little boy is thousands of times more glorious than I thought it would be. There is always adventure around the next corner.

What is your biggest challenge or lesson learned in raising little boys? 

–Alicia is a tea-drinking, book-reading, sushi-eating, candle-lighting, bread-baking gal who loves her family and all things domestic. She is a stay-at-home-mom to one squishy little boy (with the second on the way), wife to Andrew, and blogs regularly at Alicia’s Homemaking.

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