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On my updated 30 before 30, I decided to learn to crochet. Last Friday I took the girls to Hobby Lobby to buy my supple of crochet needles and yarn. While walking the aisles, I had visions of crocheting afghans, baby blankets and cute girl sweaters.

Then I got home.

And I realized maybe, just maybe, I should stick with learning to crochet a pot holder. Because, while crocheting hasn’t been hard to learn, I’m no Martha Stewart, and have as much creative talent as a monkey. So a pot holder it will be.

After the weekend, this is what I had:

Some how, I got my rows off and the pot holder has taken on a trapezoid shape. Not to mention the knots {is that what they are called??} aren’t all very tight. I decided to take a break and work on the other yarn that I got. It started off well, but then {thanks to a certain 3 year old who will remain nameless} my rows were unraveled. Which meant I ended up redoing a lot of my work. So, my pot holder isn’t quite the size I was going for. Maybe it’ll turn into a doll’s baby blanket?

Have you ever crocheted? Any advice for this novice?

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