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I’m not sure when I first heard about Downton Abbey, but when I saw the name floating around the internet recently I decided to finally check it out. I watched the first season on streaming Netflix. It took maybe 15 minutes of the first episode for me to become hooked. Seriously.

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The series starts off with the sinking of the Titanic and the first season ends with the start of World War I. It weaves in and out of the lives of both the aristocratic owners of Downton Abbey as well as their servants. It paints a clear image of differences between aristos and working class peoples, giving the viewer a sense of understanding from both sides.

Downton Abbey contains the best of everything. Love. War. Intrigue. Not to mention characters that move you to love them, and characters that move you to hate them.

While you can purchase the second season off Amazon {the show is currently in season 3 in the UK, but only beginning season 2 in the US}, the second season has just begun airing on Sunday nights on PBS. I don’t pay much attention to dramatic television, preferring my dramatic theatre to come from Phil Dunphy, but I will say, Downton Abbey is everything I’d want in a new “hook me” series.

Have you seen or heard of Downton Abbey? 

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