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Can we just take a step back real quick? Have Jon and I seriously been married for nine years? I can remember on our first anniversary saying how I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to celebrate 10 years of marriage. And here we are, finishing the last lap before the big 1-0.

By far my favorite wedding photo

By far my favorite wedding photo

Before I launch into what was an amazing anniversary trip, I’ll let you read about my thoughts on being married for nine years.

On to the good stuff….

Jonathan and I got the chance to visit the Pacific Northwest for 5 days.

JonAndSarahSeattleWe spent time in downtown Portland, Seattle and the Olympic National Park.

We ate delicious seafood, played in freezing cold water, and spent hours just dreaming about life.

Seattle Anniversary

My sister, Shelly, suggested we eat at this fantastic Parisian bistro called Le Panier right off the Market in Seattle. French? Coffee? Pastry? Win-win-win. A chocolate croissant with coffee is pretty much my definition of heaven on earth.

We got to see my high school best friend/maid of honor, Carrie, who recently moved to Seattle with her family.

I {heart} this picture so much

I {heart} this picture so much

We traipsed through the forest, and went for trail runs.



If y’all are like me and didn’t know much (or really anything) about Olympic National Park, it is gorgeous. Seriously, the trees alone are worth the visit. Add in the cool breeze, the fact that there’s a rainforest, plus views of the ocean and mountains. Words can’t describe how beautiful this place is.

Our trip was such a good, soulful, rejuvenating time. A time of reflection, a time of planning, a time spent between best friends and ardent loves. Even a week later, I’m walking on cloud nine.


A special thanks to our family who made this trip possible. Thanks for loving on our kids and hosting Cousin Camp. Thanks for flying us out to the PNW and showing us the ropes. Thanks for the support and encouragement we need to keep making this thing called marriage work.

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