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The Fab Five is heading to Colorado in two weeks!

To say that we are all excited is quite the understatement. Our trip is just about all we talk about these days. Julia keeps asking “Are we going to Colorado the next day?”, while Hannah is telling everyone “I’m turning three and going on a plane to Colorado.”

Jonathan and I have never been to Colorado, so we are thrilled to finally be visiting. And it doesn’t hurt that our friends post pictures like this ::

{picture courtesy of L. Rohlf}

Yeah, folks, those are mountains. That you can see from a house. Like, really, how sweet is that?!

We are spending the week visiting one of our favorite families, the Rohlfs, and watching one of our sweetest friends, Amanda, get married ::

{Me and Amanda, NYE 2010. So much awesome, so few words to explain it}

We don’t have major plans on our agenda {you know, other than being in a wedding}, but will most definitely be seeing some sweet sites and spending lots of time with sweet friends.