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Five. Just five Saturdays until Jonathan is done with his weekly MBA classes.

Two. Just two more week+ trips until Jonathan is done with his MBA.

Y’all. Seriously. I can’t even put into words how ridiculously happy I am.


While Jonathan, in all his logical sense, has been able to see the end since the beginning, frankly, I haven’t. And when he started counting down from 20 {“only 20 more classes” he’d say}, I got that overwhelming feeling you get when you know something good is coming but it is taking forever to get here. F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

But now? Now I can see the finish line. I can tell myself, “Just five more Saturdays. Just two more trips. Come Thanksgiving, we.are.done. DONE.”

Oh sweet Lord. It makes me want to cry tears of joy and triumph. And I didn’t even go through the program.

As for Jonathan? I don’t even know how he does it. Not only does he work full-time while getting his MBA from Cornell {hello, genius!}, he makes it seems easy. Not in a I-don’t-have-to-even-try sorta easy, but in a I-don’t-sweat-the-small-stuff sorta easy. Which blows me away, cause I always sweat the small stuff. Man, he makes me one proud wife.

While the last year has not been easy, the Lord has proven gracious and merciful. As always. He has shown me how to pursue Him for myself, how to rely on Him and Him alone, and how to have freedom in Him because my freedom is from Him. It’s been hard lessons learned, ones that have taken years {literally years} to teach me. With the heart aches and hardships that intensified with Jonathan’s crazy schedule, I see how God used this time to break down so many walls I built up. And as hard as it was to believe in the middle of the storm, I’m grateful we went through what we did.

Almost there, y’all. We are almost there. Only five Saturdays left.