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This past Sunday, we spent the afternoon at Zilker Park enjoying the city’s annual kite festival. This year marked 83 years of Austin kite flying! The festival takes place on the first Sunday in March every year {with some changes made over the years due to weather}.

Getting the kite ready for air time

Hannah had a blast being part of the action

Poor Julia felt pretty crummy the whole time. This is the last photo Jon snapped before she laid down in the grass while we flew the kite.

Jon took the kite for a test flight and got it up much higher than me!



As we were leaving, we turned around and saw tons of kites in the sky. It was a very cool experience!

What fun outdoor activities are you do as spring approaches?

Alicia at Alicia’s Homemaking is taking the week off Try New Adventures Thursday to enjoy spring break with her family. This post will be linked to her next week {3/17}.