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For the month of February I took a photo challenge on Instagram. A super easy and fun idea created by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim, it really helped me capture my day to day life.

Here are just a few of my favorite photos from February ::

Chantelle has a new Instagram photo challenge for March, and since today is the First of March, I’m already getting started for this month.

Do you have Instagram? If so, have you ever participated in a monthly challenge?

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Since being a cell phone owner for over 12 years a really long time, I’ve always gone the free-phone route. It never made sense to buy a phone and what the carrier had to offer always seemed good enough to me. I’d bear through the dropped calls, frying of sims cards and complete malfunction until we were up for a new free phone. It was frustrating, but I could deal. Then my last phone sent me over the edge.

A standard LG, with decent texting ability, there really isn’t any one thing wrong with my phone, well, except for everything. It turns off randomly. It will start calling people on its own. It won’t ring when it should and will delay messages. Sometimes, mid-conversation, it will hang up. I call this my limited-talk feature. If I place too many calls in a day {say, three or more} it just shuts down. Unlike my previous phones, this phone has been acting a fool since day one. But once you’re locked in, your locked in, so I’ve been waiting for 2 years to get a new one.

When our phone contract came up this last week, Jonathan asked me what phone I wanted. I think my response was “something that doesn’t suck”. I still really didn’t care what I had, just so long as it was reliable and wouldn’t make me want to run over it with our van. But, as we were standing in AT&T and I was looking over my not-quite-free-but-still-cheap-phone options, Jonathan asked if what I had chosen was what I really wanted. Really wanted? Another phone whose con ratings include “dropped calls, turns off randomly and isn’t always reliable” just like all the other options I had? No, not really. What I really want, what I know will actually be a good phone is:

{photo credit}

So, out of no where, Jonathan got it for me. I was floored. After years of bad cell phones, I feel like I’ve just stepped into true adulthood, with a real cell phone. Aside from the countless apps, the feeding of my Apple obsession and having internet on my phone, I’m just excited to own a phone that will actually work. And it doesn’t hurt that my kids can have facetime with my mom and I can snap awesome pictures:

What is your cell phone like? Do you have a dud like my old one? Or have you stepped it up to electronic adulthood?

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