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I have a hard time writing a post after I’ve written something more serious. But, alas, I figured if I’m going to write again it might as well be light and airy.

Which is exactly what this skirt is ::

As soon as I tried it on I loved it. But, because of the length, I was rather apprehensive. So, I facebooked it. I got yeses all around, so I bought the skirt. At the prompting of Jill, I knew I couldn’t leave the skirt at it’s current length. It’s tea length, which is frankly not my favorite style and doesn’t look all that great on me.

Because of a few sewing projects gone bad over the last few months, I’ve been a little gun shy when it comes to using my sewing machine. But, I knew if I ever wanted to wear my new skirt, I would have to suck it up and hem.

So I did ::

I measured 7″ all around the base of the skirt, cut up the side seams, then cut along my markings with the curve of the skirt. Once the skirt was cut, I turned the fabric under and hemmed away. Very slowly. I made a few mistakes {while cutting} but so far only I can tell. Jonathan noticed it once I pointed it out, but assured me he couldn’t tell before {and wouldn’t notice it even after knowing}.

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. And it was a great project to get me back in the sewing saddle. Perhaps I’ll tackle this skirt next.

What fun and crafty adventures have you done lately? 

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Since I can remember, I have been convinced I was born in the wrong decade. The signs were all there: I’d rather listen to Nat King Cole than Nirvana. At fourteen. I’d rather watch An Affair to Remember than Titanic. {I mean, who passes up Cary Grant for Leo?}. I was completely different than most every girl I knew. There was just something about the post-war years that seemed romantic in my young heart.

Not much has changed, other than my age. And despite being an iPad toting, internet dependent, Generation Y’er, I secretly yearn for days of old. So naturally, when my friend let me use her “family” cookbook, I fell in love.

{photo credit}

Just flipping the pages of Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook makes me feel like June Cleaver. I want to promptly put on my apron, turn on the radio {aka, Pandora app on my iPad} and begin baking. Perhaps even invest in nice serving ware and a dinner bell.

It took over a year of not so subtle hints before I out right forced Jonathan bought the book for me. After reading him the recipes {along with their humorous, but actually helpful tips} Jonathan announced “I don’t know why we didn’t buy this sooner. We are 1950’s people”. Indeed we are.

Yesterday I used Betty’s recipe for yeast rolls and loaf bread. Then for dinner I made sausage and asparagus that I smothered in a cheese cream from the cookbook’s sauce section. And per the cookbook’s suggestions, I topped the night off with banana cake and white butter frosting. I was a bona fide housewife and I loved it! Well, except for the constantly-cleaning part. I need to look into maid service if I’m gonna keep this up.

Bon appetite, June Cleaver!

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