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This weekend, like most, was done before I knew it even started. My birthday was Sunday, but we began our celebration festivities Friday night with tacos from Torchy’s Tacos ::

Saturday morning was a laid back but productive. I managed to get some cleaning done, laundry put away and relaxing with the girls while Jonathan and Joseph slept in.

Around 11, things took a turn for the crazy, when we discovered that Hannah ate an entire bottle of children’s chewable vitamins. Like, rushing to the ER crazy. {I have a whole post about it for you tomorrow.}  But despite all the drama from the morning and afternoon, we went ahead with my birthday dinner party {which, thankfully, was only a mile from our house since I was slightly paranoid to leave Hannah}. It ended up being a good way to close out a rather emotional day.

Sunday was my actual birthday. We woke up early and headed downtown so I could run in the Capital 10K race with my friend, Adriane.

It was a really fun race, but I was surprised at how packed it was. Since it’s a “fun run” there were a lot more casual walkers than I expected, which was challenging for the first 2-3 miles as we weaved around the crowds. I initially wanted to finish in under an hour, but with all the masses came in at just over an hour {1:03:17}. Given the 20K+ people participating, and being stuck right in the middle of the crowd, we still made really great time.

Thanks to the back of my shirt, I got quite a very “happy birthday!”s while running. 🙂

The weekend ended quietly, spending time with good friends and our missional community.

How was your weekend?

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