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Happy Birthday, Julia Mabel!

Posted on: November 23, 2013

Julia turns 6 today. Excuse me as I curl into the fetal position and cry. Because 6? 6 is a big age. Already, she seems too old and I miss those days of when she was small. I can’t even imagine what an emotional mess I’ll become over next 12 years.


Dear Julia {Julia Mabel, Jules, Mabel, Mama},

Oh baby love. I’m not even certain I can write this post without shedding a few tears. You are incredible. Your loving heart, your compassion, your ridiculous sense of humor. I can’t begin to tell you what a treasure you are in my life. You are an old soul, who cares so deeply for those around you. Because of you, the Lord has taught me so much about how to love those around me more than myself. Thank you for always being you. For always surprising me with your strength that is wrapped in tenderness.

As you just begin your life {with starting school, making friends, starting “big girl” activities} I pray that you stay tender but strong. That you remember that God comes first, that your family is always for you, and that if you work hard enough you will succeed. This past year has seen you coming to terms with who you are in light of Christ. I’m excited to see how you grow in your understanding of God and biblical truth. I pray that you bury it deep within your heart and never stray from Him.

You are my delight and joy. Thank you for giving the chance to be a mama.

I love you,


1 Response to "Happy Birthday, Julia Mabel!"

Doing a little blog catch up tonight and though I read this on her birthday I didn’t comment. Wow 6 I can’t hardly imagine though am sure my oldest will be there in the blink of an eye. I love this letter and your prayers for her.

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